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Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators

Protecting the earth from environmental damage is clearly a global effort that requires the cooperation of each and every nation. To facilitate this cooperation, the international community has signed several treaties and put into place many environmental laws. Various natural resource indicators can be used to monitor the implementation of these treaties and laws, the most important of which are online. Here is a collection of links to the most important environmental treaties, laws, and natural resource indicators.

  • Bonn Agreement - Visit this site to learn about the pact developed by several European countries to help avoid oil spills
  • Earth Pulse - National Geographic hosts this website with information and images on how natural resources are being used around the world.
  • Ecological Footprint - This web page has tools to measure the individual's impact on the environment and its resources.
  • Environmental Performance Index - This page tracks how countries are following established policy goals in the area of environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Environmental Protection Agency - The U.S. government federal agency tasked with developing and applying environmental regulations is accessible via this link.
  • European Environmental Law Network - Users can click on this link to read a page on environmental law within the European Union, including court case information and much more.
  • Kyoto Protocol - Here is the full text of perhaps the most widely known international environmental treaty of recent years.
  • OSPAR Commission - Visitors to this site will learn how the OSPAR Commission applies the regulations of agreements between countries for protecting the environment of the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean.
  • Western Climate Initiative - Click on this link to visit the homepage of an initiative of several U.S. states and Canada to work together against climate change.

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