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How to Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

Recycling empty, plastic water bottles is a no-brainer - simply throw them, without lids, into a recycling bin. Reducing plastic bottle waste in the first place takes a little more effort, but it's still pretty simple. So, what about the third "R" in the equation?

Statistics tell us that only 20 percent of plastic water bottles are actually recycled. That means that 80 percent of bottled water ends up in landfills along with the tons of other trash that takes decades to decompose. As much as we may try to reduce consumption, it is likely that people will continue to drink bottled water anyway.  Those who don't will drink soda, juice, or other beverages served in plastic containers.  

As long as people continue to consume drinks served in single-use plastic bottles, we must come up with creative ways to reuse these containers so they don't just end up in our already-clogged landfills.  It won't be long before we run out of room to dump our trash. Moreover, reusing plastic bottles in practical ways will help the average consumer save money. Below are some of the many ways to reuse plastic bottles, ranging from the everyday to the truly bizarre.  

Table of Contents

  1. Practical Everyday Items
  2. Everyday Household Decor
  3. Holiday Decor  
  4. Arts and Crafts
  5. Kids Toys and Games
  6. Bottle Animals
  7. Science Projects and Displays
  8. Apparel
  9. Most Bizarre Eco-Friendly Reuses

Practical Everyday Items

Ice Packplastic-water-bottle-lawn-sprinkler
Plastic Bottle Funnel
Office and Workshop Storage
Workout Weights
iPod Holder
Coin Purse
Bug Catcher
Toilet Water Conservation
Automatic Plant Watering Device
Lawn Sprinkler
Herb Garden
Pool Raft
Fig. 1: Lawn Sprinkler Made from Plastic Water Bottle         
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Everyday Household Decor

plastic-bottle-magazine-rackBoat in a Bottle
Lighthouse in a Bottle
Bottle Vase
Sand Bottle
Plastic Goblet
Decorative Victorian Bottle
Plastic Bottle Dome Display
Homemade Lava Lamp
Plastic Flowers
Plastic Bottle Candleholders
Newspaper / Magazine Rack
Plastic Bottle Curtains
Plastic Bottle Table
Plastic Bottle Chandelier
Retro Batik Windsock
Recycled Bottle Fish Mobile

Fig. 2: Magazine Rack Made from Plastic Bottles
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Holiday Decor  

Plastic Bottle Easter Basket
plastic-bottle-christmas-angelHalloween Bottle Ghosts
Bottle Jack-o-Lantern
Thanksgiving Bottle Pilgrim
Indoor Snowman
Christmas Bottle Reindeer
Christmas Angel
Christmas Stars


Fig. 3: Christmas Angel Made with Plastic Bottle
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Arts and Crafts

Plastic Bottle Beads
plastic-bottle-weaving-loomKnitting Loom
Weaving Loom
Yarn Holder

Fig. 4: Plastic Bottle Doubles as Weaving Loom   
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Kids Toys and Games

Noise Maker
Homemade Horseshoe Game
Bowling Pins
Jump Rope Handles
Kids String Telephone
Musical Instruments
Instant Bubble Blower
Paddle Steamer
Bird Feeder
Toy Car
Bottle Piggy Bank

Fig. 5: Piggy Bank Made From Plastic Bottle
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Bottle Animals

Crafty Crocodile
plastic-bottle-zebraFriendly Lion
Spotted Giraffe
Plastic Bottle Zebra
Plastic Bottle Penguin
Plastic Bottle Elephant
Plastic Bottle Butterflies
Plastic Bottle Fireflies
Plastic Bottle Vampire Bat
Plastic Bottle Trained Octopus

Fig. 6: Plastic Bottle Zebra     
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Science Projects and Displays

Plastic Bottle Terrarium
tornado-in-a-bottleOcean in a Plastic Bottle
Plastic Bottle Tornado
Rain Guage
Ant Farm

Fig. 7: Plastic Bottle Tornado        
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Crocheted Bangles
plastic-bottle-doggy-armorWater Bottle Sandals
Plastic Bottle Fashion Vest
Plastic Doggy Armor

Fig. 8: Plastic Bottle Doggy Armor
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Most Bizarre Eco-Friendly Reuses

Plastic Bottle Ship - "The Plastiki"
the-plastiki-plastic-bottle-boatBottle Wall / Heat Sink
Plastic Bottle Mexican Island Paradise
Plastic Bottle House
Window Farming
Plastic Bottle Bike

Fig. 9: The Plastiki - Boat Made from Plastic Water Bottles

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