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Buyer's Guide: Refrigerator Water Filters

In This Buyer's Guide:
  1. Why should you buy a refrigerator water filter?
  2. Which contaminants do refrigerator water filters remove?
  3. What are the different types of refrigerator water filters?
    1. Inline filters
    2. Push-in refrigerator filters
  4. How often do I change my refrigerator filter?
  5. Which refrigerator water filter is the best?

Why should you buy a refrigerator water filter?

A refrigerator water filter is a convenient, less expensive alternative to bottled water. For larger families that prefer the fresh taste of chilled filtered water, but don't have the space inside the fridge for a water filter pitcher, a fridge filter reduces impurities from the water and ice that dispenses from your refrigerator. These filters also have a longer filter life than pitcher and faucet-mount water filters. Refrigerator water filters are installed easily without requiring any changes in plumbing.

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Which contaminants do refrigerator water filters remove?

The types of contaminants removed depends on the type of filter used. Most refrigerator filters use activated charcoal as the filter media. These water filters remove the bad taste and odor associated with chemicals like chlorine that are used by municipal water treatment plants to disinfect local water supplies. More advanced refrigerator filters may also remove a number of other contaminants, including: class I and class II particulates, lead, mercury, cysts, turbidity, herbicides and pesticides.

What are the different types of refrigerator water filters?

There are two main types of refrigerator filters:

Inline filters

Installing these filters is relatively simple. One side attaches to the house water supply line, while the other side attaches to a line on the back of the fridge. These are good for older model refrigerators that don't already come with a built-in filter. Inline filters are also used for undersink water filtration.

Push-in refrigerator filters

Push-in refrigerator filters are built into most newer refrigerator models. These insert into a compartment inside the refrigerator and are easier to install. Simply push in, twist, and replace the lid on the compartment.

How often do I change my refrigerator filter?

Most refrigerator filters have a filter life of about six months. Some may last up to 12 months. If you have a large family that uses a lot of water, you may wish to change your filter more often. If the water or ice that dispenses from your refrigerator starts to taste funny, it's time to change the filter. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when changing.

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Which refrigerator water filter is the best?

The type of filter you need really depends on the model of your refrigerator. Filters Fast carries a large variety of refrigerator filters that are compatible with many refrigerator makes and models. Find out which filters are compaitble with your refrigerator to help you narrow your choices, before selecting the best one. Here are a few of our most popular refrigerator filters:
Whirlpool 4396508 Fridge Filter

This filter replaces Whirlpool, Kenmore and KitchenAid twist-to-remove refrigerator filters that are located in the front base grille. It reduces chlorine, bad taste, odor, lime scale buildup, dirt and rust in your water and ice. You should replace this filter approximately every six months.

Whirlpool 4396510 Refrigerator Filter

This filter replaces the Whirlpool 4396508 model, but removes much more, including lead, mercury, pesticides, cysts and turbidity. Both the 4396508 and the 4396510 may also be replaced with the compatible Aquafresh WF285. The quarter-turn PUR refrigerator filter also replaces this model.

GE MWF SmartWater Filter

This filter replaces the GE GWF SmartWater Refrigerator Filter with new and improved performance. It reduces a large number of contaminants, including: chlorine taste and odor, class I particulates, cysts, turbidity, atrazine, asbestos, lead, mercury and many other agricultural and industrial pollutants. It fits most GE and Hotpoint refrigerators with water filters and has a filter life of approximatesly six months. This filter may also be replaced with the compatible Aquafresh WF287 model.

WF2CB Frigidaire PureSource2 Water Filter

This filter fits all front cassette models of Frigidaire refrigerators, along with Kenmore refrigerators manufactured by Frigidaire, and has a convenient one-touch loading system for easy installation. It reduces many contaminants including: chlorine, cysts, class I and class III particulates, turbidity, lead, mercury and a number of herbicides and pesticides.

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