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Wind Energy Resource Center

Wind energy is renewable energy that is harnessed from wind power. Wind turbines harness wind energy and use it to generate electricity. Small wind turbines help generate electricity for towns and even individual homes. Commercial wind turbines are usually part of wind farms that provide power to electric grids. In the United States during 2008, 1.3% of all electricity was generated from the wind. Texas, Iowa, California, Oklahoma, and Minnesota were the states that generated the most wind power in 2008.

Wind Energy Technologies

U.S. Department of Energy: How Wind Turbines Work - This article is a detailed explanation of how wind turbines work.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory - This article is a simple explanation of the wind research process.

Wind Turbine Use

Energy Kids - This website contains general information about wind energy and how wind turbines are used.

New Methods for Monitoring and Operating Wind Turbines - This article explains recently-developed methods for monitoring and operating wind turbines.


Small Wind Turbine Independent Testing - This website describes research on small wind turbines.

Offshore Wind Energy - This website describes research involving offshore wind energy and its effect on the environment.

Wind Power: A Growing Renewable Energy Source - Information about the advantages of using wind power to harness energy.

Wind Energy Research Reaps Rewards - This is an article from NASA explaining the benefits of researching wind energy.

Secretary Chu Announces New Investments in Cutting-Edge Wind Energy Research Facilities - This article contains information about approved wind energy research funding.

Wind Resources

Awea - The American Wind Energy Association. This is an organization dedicated to helping further research and investment in wind power technologies.

Wind Energy - This website contains information about the benefits of wind energy. It includes a map and a fact sheet.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Wind Energy Development - This website states facts about wind energy and explains the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's role in wind energy development.

Wind Powering America - This website includes several wind energy resources and a wealth of information including detailed maps and state activities.


Wind Energy Development Environmental Concerns - This website explains the environmental concerns about wind energy development.

Wind: A Clean Fuel - This website explains the environmental benefits of wind energy.

Wind Power Environmental Review - This is an environmental review from New York state about the environmental impacts of wind power.

Environmental Impacts of Wind-Energy Projects - This website explains in detail the impacts of wind energy projects on humans.


Overview of Wind Energy in California - This website discusses the costs of wind energy in California.

Nine Wind Energy Projects Receive 2.2 Million in Grants from Renewable Energy Trust - This article talks about grants that were given to wind energy projects.

Energy and Environment - This website explains the large-scale economics of wind energy. It also talks about guiding principles and the progress that has been made so far.

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