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Global Warming Facts and Resources

It is generally accepted that the temperature of the earth has increased rather significantly over the past 100 years. This phenomenon is known as global warming. A subject of great environmental significance, it is mainly caused by the greenhouse effect where green house gases (carbon dioxide, halogenated fluorocarbons, hydro-fluorocarbons, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, perfluorinated carbons, and water vapor) work to trap energy in the earth's atmosphere, causing it to heat up. Global warming causes a host of negative effects, affecting animals, weather, humans, agriculture, the Antarctica, the economy, plants, and more. According to some environmentalists, some of the most deadly effects of global warming include the melting of the polar ice caps, more hurricanes as a result of warmer waters, the spreading of diseases, and others. Here's more information on the subject of global warming.

Introduction to Global Warming

It's always a good idea to start with an overview of global warming. An understanding of the basic concepts will help to shed light on the more complicated issues.

Global Warming Resources

For people who want to learn more about global warming, the Internet provides a lot of resources for teachers, students, researchers, and just about anybody who's interested.

Scientific Controversy

While most people agree with the fact that the earth is getting warmer, scientists hold differing views on a number of issues. These include the extent of some of the effects of global warming, the causes of global warming, the measures to counter global warming, and more.

Political Controversy

With global warming being such a major concern in the world, it's no wonder that it would cross over into the political arena. Inevitably, there are some prominent political controversies connected with this well-meaning cause.

Miscellaneous Information on Global Warming

Here is some other interesting information on the subject of global warming.

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