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How to Manage Water Damage

Water damage is a problem found in almost all areas of the world. It is typically caused by leaking roofs and leaking spaces under the house. Any amount of moisture that enters the house can cause water damage. The longer the water sits, the worse the damage will be.

There are a number of damages associated with water, the greatest of which are the health problems caused by mold. Not all mold has a negative effect on the human body, but many do. When water sits in areas and causes mold, it increases breathing problems and intensifies asthma attacks. There are also situations where the moisture shorts out the electrical system, causing the homeowner to experience shocks when they touch electrical items in the house.

In terms of treating water damage, the first step often involves cleaning the area. Professionals recommend that homeowners wear protective rubber gloves and open windows to provide ventilation. Washing the items with bleach and water is also helpful as these products clean any traces of mold left behind. Then the item must be left alone until completely dry and then washed again. This is especially true of walls with drywall or plaster and ceiling tile.

Electrical items are also cleaned when damaged, though the power's turned off first. In some cases an electrician should be called in to look at the wiring in the house and find any signs of serious damage. Carpet can also be cleaned and washed with a steam cleaner that removes as much of the damage as possible. With furniture, it might be easier to replace some items than to clean them. If mold sets into the furniture, it's often impossible to clean.

Even a small rain shower can cause damage if the roof leaks or water builds up on the foundation. Treating and cleaning the damage reduces the chances of health problems. It also reduces the amount of money a homeowner will have to spend on fixing the problem when it grows larger.

Resources on water damage include:

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