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Reverse Osmosis Filter Change Frequency

I have a reverse osmosis system GXRM10G. Family of 2. How often should I change the postfilter sump and prefilter sump and should I change the RO cartridge at the same time?

Most Revers Osmosis Filter Systems require pre and post filter changes at 6 month intervals to maintain peak performance. The membrane should be changed every 2 years or if you notice a significant drop in water passing through the reverse osmosis system. In your case the GXRM10G uses the FX12P pre and post filters which should be changed every 6 months and the fx12m membrane which should be changed every 2 years. The O-rings should be changed every other filter change on the pre and post filters and every change on the membrane.

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Posted by Ray on March 26, 2006 11:01 AM |


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I changed my water filter on my maytag side by side for the first time recently. When I installed the second filter, I started getting pollutants in the water. These were not carbon deposits as most are quick to reply. The pollutants look like a filmly substance or like scotch tape peices in the water. two months later and two service calls later, I was told that my water filter took too much chlorine out of the water and this was bacteria. I was advised to stop using my filter (the reason we bought the fridge) and eventually the bacteria would go away. Has anyone seen or heard of this before? Why do I need a filter fridge if I cant use it?


This is just bad information. The bacteria are killed at time of chlorination. It sounds like the refrigerator has a problem in which some substance is contaminating the water line or something is in the water line that is slowly coming out. It would be best to have your water tested.

I cannot reset the filter indicator on my Kitchenaid KSCS251. I have tried pressing it 5 times quickly, but it still is flashing 0.

I have a GE reverse osmosis water filter GXRM10G.
I have been having this unit for about 1 1/2 years.
The unit now makes noise (a girgling sound at the air hole near the faucet) each time I let the faucet open for more than 30 seconds. This noise will continue for approx 30 min. then will go away until I open it again for more than 30 secs.
f.y.i. the noise will stop if I place tape over the air hold (which I only did for test purposes). I called GE but they have no clue as to what is causing the noise.
Any thoughts / suggestions ??

I was having the same problem that Bayton is having with the same noise being made by the filter.

So I did as he suggested and cover the hole with my finger and it went away, but it quickly came back when I removed my finger.

Thanks to his comments I was able to corrrect the problem.

It was being caused by some sort of partial obstruction in this little vent.

The first time that this happened, I just blew with my mouth into the small hole on the left of the faucet and this did the trick. But now this is not working.

To correct the problem this time, I took my air compressor and blew it out by putting the air compressor's nozzle in the small hole and giving it a couple of brief shots of forced air.

Now the filtration system is as quiet as when it was brand new!

Having the same problem with my GE GXRM10G as Bayton and Marschell are having but its not air flowing out it is a small steady stream of water. I wrapped electrical tape around it for the time being, but its kind of tacky. Hopefully someone can lead me in the right direction?

I have install 4 units of G E revers Osmosis top of the line. They all leak water thru a small hole next to the faucet. I have install over 60 units, never had a problem like this????

This is my first time having an ro system in my house and i wasn't aware of the filter change intervals... ge ro system. Water got to where it wasn't regenerating as fast as we were using it... so i got new filters. Changed the filters and the membrane and now it doesn't work at all? It makes water, and the tank has good pressure (took a line off and got a great shower... bled off a couple of gallons into pitchers before i got it back together), but i get no flow to the faucet? Faucet isn't clogged as i pulled that apart and checked it. Anyone have any experience with this???

Existing RO- loco companys-
Is it possible to buy filters and change by myself?

I had this problem until I moved one of the lines under the sink up higher and that fixed it.

I change my filters every 3 years...I haven't noticed any degradation in performance during that interval.

I just recently experienced the gurgling sound from the spicket vent hole, followed by water leakage. I followed Marschell's advise and blew thru it with compressed air, and it solved the problem. apparently, the smaller RO drain line that feeds into the main plumbing drain was clogged, and a couple of shots of air was all that was needed to unclog it.

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