Reset your Refrigerator Filter Indicator Light

Most people are not aware that after you change your refrigerator water filter, there are two additional steps that should be taken to properly complete the water filter change.

Step 1: Reset your refrigerator water filter change light

Most new refrigerators now come equipped with an indicator light that notifies you when it is time to change your water filter. This light does not automatically reset when you change your water filter and the light must be manually reset.

Here is a list of refrigerator manufacturers and how to reset the filter change indicator light:

Amana– Press and hold the Auto and Dispenser Lock buttons until the water filter status indicator light flashes.
Frigidaire– Press and Hold the Reset Button Until the Indicator Light Flashes.
GE General Electric– Press and Hold the Reset Button for around 8 Seconds.
HotPoint– Press and Hold the Reset Button for around 8 Seconds.
Jenn-Air– Press and Hold The Water and Lock Buttons until the Water Filter light flashes.
Kitchen Aid– Press and Release the Light Button 5 times Quickly.
Maytag– Press and Hold The Light and Lock Buttons until the Water Filter light flashes.
Samsung– Press and Hold the Ice Type and Child Lock Buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.
Whirlpool– Press and Release the Light Button 5 times Quickly.

Step 2: Flush a couple of gallons of water through your new filter

Since refrigerator water filters are made of carbon, some carbon residue is present in the first gallon or two of water. This will not harm you but may leave a bitter taste and residue in your water. If you continue to have these problems after flushing a couple of gallons through the filter, it is possible that you have a defective water filter.

Once these two steps are completed, you are all set to enjoy great tasting ice and water through your refrigerator. If you don’t see your manufacturer listed or the instructions don’t work for your model please post a comment with your make and model number so that we can provide exact instructions for your model.

290 thoughts on “Reset your Refrigerator Filter Indicator Light

  1. Specific instructions for flushing your refrigerator water filter vary depending on what is in the owners manual for this particular filter. Most manufacturers will recommend that you run between three to five gallons of water through your refrigerator water filter. To flush, all you will need is an empty bucket to empty the water into. Do you have a copy of your owners manual? It is best to follow the specific steps instructed by the filter manufacturer.

  2. Trying to reset water filter…keeps flashing red and green alternately. How do I flush several gallons of water through the filter????
    Frigidaire FR23H5DSBA

  3. Oh this is the answer to my refrigerator that needs to reset. Thanks for sharing these tips, I don’t know there is proper way to do it.

  4. My Maytag manual does not include this information. Thanks so much for helping. That light has been on since the first filter change and this makes 4! Irritating as all get out!

  5. Great tips to set the light. Now we don’t need to consult any professional. This seems to be a great blog for everyone who is using refrigerator.

  6. GE water filter would not reset. On the refrigerator it says to hold for 3 seconds. Did not reset. I used the number on this site which was 8 seconds and it reset. THANKS!

  7. Hi again, In the meantime, managed to drink a lot more water :o) and now dripping’s stopped. The problem might have been that I did not flush enough water – it needed a couple of days to have it fixed but now it works perfectly. Thanks again. Suzanna

  8. Hi Suzanna,

    Are you using the DA29-00003G water filter? Ensure that the following steps for installing your particular filter have been taken:
    -Separate the fixed cap in the refrigerator by rotating
    it counterclockwise.
    -Remove the water filter from the box and put a month indicator
    sticker on the filter as shown.
    – Write the month you installed the filter on the label.
    EX) If the water filter was installed in March, put “MAR”
    – Remove the protective cap then position and insert the filter as shown,
    – Slowly turn the water filter clockwise 90º to align the indication mark on the
    cover, locking the filter in postion. Do not overtighten.

    I was able to find the owners manual online and wanted to pass along just in case. Hopefully this can help with your issues, but if you have any further questions feel free to let us know.

  9. Hi Ray, It’s great to see such instructions, it helped a lot in troubleshooting. :o) However, I still have a question. After doing the steps you suggested, water keeps slightly dripping – right after flushing water. The appliance we are talking about is a Samsung RSE8KPUS1. Have you got any idea how to stop this? Thanks very much.

  10. Hi Andy, what is the model number for your refrigerator? Having this information can better help us troubleshoot. Thanks!

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