Reverse Osmosis Filter Change Frequency

I have a reverse osmosis system GXRM10G. Family of 2. How often should I change the postfilter sump and prefilter sump and should I change the RO cartridge at the same time?
Most Revers Osmosis Filter Systems require pre and post filter changes at 6 month intervals to maintain peak performance. The membrane should be changed every 2 years or if you notice a significant drop in water passing through the reverse osmosis system. In your case the GXRM10G uses the FX12P pre and post filters which should be changed every 6 months and the fx12m membrane which should be changed every 2 years. The O-rings should be changed every other filter change on the pre and post filters and every change on the membrane.

16 thoughts on “Reverse Osmosis Filter Change Frequency

  1. Ideally, you should replace them every 6-12 months. This can vary depending on usage and water quality.

  2. I have a waterfactory reverse osmosis sytem that consists of a membrane and 3 filters. How often should I change the membrane?

  3. What is the model # for your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator? This can help us look up specific instructions.

  4. I have a Kenmore Elite ref.and the change filter or filter is good and neither light has never worked. Do you have idea what could be wrong?

    Thanks, Ron Stevens

  5. Making sure that you consume enough water every day is vital to our existence. Having a reverse osmosis system can often be the best alternative.

  6. I change my filters every 3 years…I haven’t noticed any degradation in performance during that interval.
    I just recently experienced the gurgling sound from the spicket vent hole, followed by water leakage. I followed Marschell’s advise and blew thru it with compressed air, and it solved the problem. apparently, the smaller RO drain line that feeds into the main plumbing drain was clogged, and a couple of shots of air was all that was needed to unclog it.

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