Rust and Sediment

Rust and sediment is the most common water problem and ranks right up there with Chlorine. If your water is cloudy or brown, and you can see particles floating in your water, then you have rust and sediment in your water. The dirt, rust, and sand sediment may not be harmful, but it does have it’s bad attributes. Rust and sediment will reduce the life of your appliances, make your water look and taste bad and will shorten the life of your more expensive water filters as they will clog quicker. Luckily, rust and dirt sediment is also the easiest and cheapest water problem that water filters can solve. We recommend you look at a whole house water filter system such as the AquaPure AP101T with the AP110 water filter. This will do a great job in removing the sediment and extending the life of your appliances and carbon based water filters.

2 thoughts on “Rust and Sediment

  1. I have a bad rust problem will my well water,I understand that there is a magnetic system that will remove the rust and it also back flushes itself and is set on a timer to do this

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