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LG 5231J2006B ( popularly known as Sears part 46-9990 ) to our inventory. This LG filters, like all of our filters can be purchased online at for our everyday low price.
LG LT600P is a 300 Gallon Capacity Water Filter for side-by-side and bottom mount refrigerators. This filter fits most LG Side-by-Side & Bottom-Freezer refrigerators, and all Kenmore “795” Series refrigerators – including the Kenmore Trio (three-door or “French door”) models with the water dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator door.

The LG 5231JA2006-B reduces:
99.9% of Particulates Class I
97.6% chlorine taste & odor
91.2% of Mercury at pH 8.5
96.7% of Mercury at pH 6.5
99.35% of Lead
95.9% of Atrazine
96.3% of Benzene
93.06% of 2,4-D
99.09% of Lindane
99.99% of Cysts
99.3% of Turbidity

One thought on “Product Announcement

  1. My town recently issued a “boil water advisory” due to heavy rains. The turbidity levels were over 1.0 NTU. I have an LG refrig with the LG 5231JA2006-B filter. Is it safe for my family to drink from this filtered water, or am I putting them at risk?

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