You Can Finally Recycle Your Old Brita Pitcher Filters

Recycle Your Brita Pitcher Filters
Brita has long promoted its pitcher water filters as an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water, and with good reason. A single pitcher filter can replace 300 standard bottles of water, which greatly reduces the amount of plastic water bottles that are not recycled.

Unfortunately, there is no option to recycle the Brita pitcher filters, which are encased in No. 5 plastics, a plastic not recycled in most communities.
Until now.

Due in large part to online campaigns like Take Back The Filter, Brita has partnered with Preserve’s Gimme 5 program to take back and recycle 100 percent of the filter casings. Preserve will use the recycled filters in its line of eco-friendly household goods.
Through the program, which started in January of 2009, consumers can drop off their old Brita filters at participating Whole Foods Markets across the country. You can also choose to mail your filters to Preserve.

For a list of participating Whole Foods Markets and detailed instructions on how to recycle Brita filters, click here.

Filters Fast carries several Brita pitchers and Brita replacement cartridges.

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