Instapure F5 Faucet Filter named “Best Buy”

Instapure F5I just wanted to share some news on the Instapure F5 Faucet Filter, which was just named a Consumers Digest Best Buy. Since this title is awarded to less than three percent of competing models in each category, it’s worth pointing out what makes this filter worthy of such a distinction.
Though the release doesn’t specify exactly why Consumers Digest named it a Best Buy, we think it probably has a lot to do with the fact that the Instapure F5 reduces far more contaminants than most faucet filters. Most such filters reduce only the taste and odor of Chlorine, but the Instapure F5 also reduces 99.99% of microbial cysts, as well as lead. Given this, it’s not surprising the filter was named a Best Buy, which Consumers Digest defines “as a product that offers the most value for a given amount of money.” Filters Fast sells the filter for only $17.
Scott Wright, Instapure’s chief executive officer, emphasized how just one faucet filter can reduce a person’s dependency on bottled water.
“Every 200-gallon filter we put in the hand of consumers has the potential to eliminate 1500 plastic bottles,” Wright said in a press release. “The Instapure filter is truly a green solution to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint.”
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4 thoughts on “Instapure F5 Faucet Filter named “Best Buy”

  1. Hey Johnny,
    Can you describe the chemical taste? Is your water otherwise clean, and are you on a municipal water supply?

  2. Question? I’ve replaced 3 filters within the past 3 months because of my filter water tasting funny or has this chemical taste. Do you have any suggestions? My lastest purchase was one the your recommended filters for my whirlpool that side by side model. Thanks

  3. If faucet filters could do the same as the full wholehouse filter setup, then this is a big step towards innovative home water filter products. The only thing next would be the obvious frequency of filter replacement since smaller filters are prone to clogging after extended use.

  4. i got a pur water filter to attach to my kitchen faucet and i wasnt impressed with it all! im sure it helped some but not enough for me to be pleased with it! maybe its just me! but i wouldnt recommend them personally.

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