The Onion reveals what happens when 30 million people throw away plastic

Earlier this year, The Onion published a thought-provoking article on what happens when 30 million people shrug off the environmental harm done by throwing away just one plastic bottle.  This cynically funny “news” source always has a way of making a statement without actually stating it outright.  While reading this I began to cringe as I recalled the many times in my life where I’ve said the same thing that most people say as they toss their empty plastic water bottles into the trash can – “It’s no big deal.  It’s not like I do it all the time.  I hardly even drink bottled water.  What’s one plastic bottle anyway?”  Likewise, as the article points out, “what difference is it going to make if I leave one light bulb on all night or if I leave the water running while I brush my teeth? I’m just one person.  No one will notice….”

But what happens when 30 million people say the same thing? The consequences add up a lot faster than the lost pennies under your sofa cushion and you realize that there are actually millions of other people living on the planet besides yourself.

Okay, so I may have just stated the point outright, but it’s still worth a read.