How Indoor Air Quality Can Affect your Home’s Appearance

Indoor air quality not only affects your health. It can also greatly affect the appearance of your home. In a rare phenomenon known as “ghosting,” fine particles of soot collect on parts of walls that are cooler in temperature and have a high electrostatic attraction, causing darkening and discoloration in certain areas. This may also occur on ceilings and carpets.

Though much of this is attributed to low air pressure due to your home’s construction, some of the problem may be reduced or eliminated through the regulation and maintenance of your indoor air. Since ghosting is caused by soot particles, the natural solution is to eliminate the source of soot.  Soot often comes from fireplaces, furnaces, candles and fuel-burning fixtures that are not well-vented. Cleaning and replacing your furnace filters regularly can help prevent the accumulation of soot particles within the home.

Filters Fast carries several electrostatic air filters that remove soot, smoke and other odor-carrying particles from the air that flows through them. Like the cooler parts of your walls, these filters carry an electrostatic charge that attracts many particles, which stick to the air filters making them dirty. Unlike your walls, carpets and ceilings, air filters are easily replaceable, affordable, and hidden where no one can see them. Sounds like a worthwhile investment, right?