Robbers in NYC Steal Cell Phones, Cars, and … Bottled Water?

Robbery frequents the streets of New York City, according to a couple of recent (and somewhat humorous) reports made by the Brooklyn Paper. In the July 6 report, a few robbers attacked their victims, stealing cell phones, cars and even a pearl necklace.

This one tops the chart: a man stole bottled water from a 13-year-old kid who set up a water stand to make a few extra bucks on a hot day in June. No doubt the man was thirsty, but really? Bottled water? And from a teenage boy! Not only that: the victim was beaten over the head before the suspect ran off with the water. Apparently, the robber didn’t know about NYC’s “Water-on-the-Go” program, which was recently launched to provide increased access to NYC water in public places with high foot traffic. Ten portable water fountains – faucets for drinking water and refilling water bottles, as well as for pets – are hooked up to and removed from fire hydrants daily in various locations, including Brooklyn.

Perhaps the man prefers bottled water over tap – which in another city might be understandable – but NYC tap water is known to be some of the cleanest around. What could have possibly been going through this robber’s head?

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