Vote Green in the 2010 Elections!

In the spirit of politics, I’m going to allow myself to get very honest today…

I must admit – writing this post felt like pulling teeth for me – mainly because I’ve never really taken much of an interest in politics. However, when it comes to caring for our environment, I’m always interested, and our political leaders should be too.

Every year, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) publishes a National Environmental Scorecard to help voters be more informed about the stance of political candidates on certain key environmental issues, including:

Climate Change & Clean Energy
Public Lands Protection
Environmental Funding
Greening Schools
Clean Water Funding
Offshore Drilling
Water Resources
Chemical Security
Land and Water Conservation

The LCV has taken the time to map out the voting records of each Congressional candidate for each environmental issue since 1970. As one writer recently pointed out, and as many jaded Americans may already know, merely judging a politician by his words is not enough. Actions speak louder than words, and some of this year’s candidates have been “blowing green smoke” for quite some time. The LCV website has an online archive of every National Environmental Scorecard published, leaving voters with no excuse when it comes to knowing which candidates truly care about the environment. Take a look at the voting record of the representatives in your state, before you vote on November 2, and make sure to vote green this year!

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