A Simple Guide to Home Water Filters

Which home water filter is right for you?

To find out, start by reading our Simple Guide to the Basic Types of Water Filtration. Then, test to see what’s in your water to determine the type of filtration you need.

Most of the water filters we carry employ carbon adsorption, which may also be combined with other types, such as ceramic filtration or reverse osmosis. To get an idea of which home water filter will accomplish your needs, check out our Simple Guide to Home Water Filters where you can narrow it down according to the size of your household, your preferences for drinking water and filtration maintenance, and your contaminant removal needs. We are also releasing more in-depth buyer’s guides for each home water filter category; simply click on the “How To” links in this guide to access them.

A Simple Guide to Water Filtration

If you’ve been to the Filters Fast website, you probably know by now that we carry a HUGE selection of air and water filtration products. Scroll down the side of the home page and you’ll see over 40 brands of water filters in over 30 different type categories. Different filters serve different purposes and trying to figure out what type of filtration will best suit your needs can be a daunting task with over so many to choose from.

We’d like to make it easier on you so we are going to publish a separate buyer’s guide for each of our most extensive brand and type categories. But first, we’ll start with the basics. This simple guide to various types of water filtration should get you started in understanding the process behind the scenes – the first step in determining which products will best suit your specific needs. And each time we publish a new article or buyer’s guide, we’ll announce it here on our blog, so stay tuned for more!