Some of us drink recycled urine and don’t even know it

A new technology that filters wastewater into clean, (“drinkable”) tap water, is currently in use in Orange County California. It’s call the Groundwater Replenishment System, or GWRS, and it currently turns 90,000 gallons of wastewater into 75,000 gallons of recycled tap water, daily. This system may need to expand to other parts of the southwest in the near future, as drought becomes more rampant. While it is a positive move for the environment, I’m not so sure people would want to knowingly drink filtered sewage…

However, if you drink bottled spring water, there’s a chance that you may already be consuming a small (most would say negligible) percentage of feces with every sip, as fecal coliforms have been found in bottled water. Or, if you’re an astronaut, you may already be familiar with a similar water purification technology that allows astronauts to survive in space for longer periods of time.

We’d like to know where our readers stand on this issue: how do you feel about drinking recycled pee? Perhaps if you live in the southwest, a home water filter would make you a bit more comfortable with the idea…

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