Fountain of Youth = Tap Water?

tap water fountainScientists have been searching for the fountain of youth for centuries. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was right within our reach this entire time?

A new study shows that low doses of lithium in tap water can prolong life. Lithium is a nutritional trace element found in vegetables and drinking water. An earlier study confirmed that highly concentrated lithium can prolong life in roundworms; however, the dose of lithium analyzed in that study was too high to be safe for humans. A newer study examined the impact of lithium at a dose normally found in ordinary tap water and found the average longevity of both roundworms and humans to be higher when treated with lithium at this dosage.

Perhaps this finding is not surprising when we consider that previous studies have linked lithium with an improvement in psychological well-being and a decrease in suicides. The scientists involved in these studies have considered lithium in low doses as a potential future dietary supplement. Many people would say this is a better alternative than simply adding it to drinking water, as it would give people a choice to take it or not to take it. But if lithium could prolong life overall, and make the world a happier place to live with fewer cases of depression and suicide, perhaps it should be added to our drinking water in low doses – pending more scientific research that deems it safe, that is…

What do you think?