Bottled Water for Cancer Patients

Aqua Delight Bottled WaterPure Delight recently announced the release of their new product – Aqua Delight – a bottled water that is free from the metallic, acidic, bitter, or otherwise bad taste associated with chemotherapy treatments. Metallic taste in the mouth is a common side effect of chemotherapy drugs, often making it difficult for cancer patients to eat or drink, leading to dehydration ranging from mild to life-threatening. Aqua Delight provides relief from this, making it easy for patients to drink water, thus optimizing their recovery.

So, how does it work? We don’t know. It’s a secret. The company has signed non-disclosure agreements that keep the technology behind this water confidential. However, there is a 100 percent money-back guarantee, and several testimonials on Pure Delight’s website indicate that most people are happy with the results this water provides.

The bottles are made from PETE 1 plastic, which exceeds FDA standards for safety, and there are no known issues with chemicals leaching into the water. However, it seems ironic that the company would choose to manufacture bottled water, rather than a specialized water filter that improves metallic taste instead. In general, bottled water is not sustainable, even though the plastic is recyclable. Non-sustainable living may contribute to the growth of disease – such as cancer. In the interest of sustaining life, you’d think Pure Delight would opt for a more sustainable product that lines up, thematically, with the company’s ultimate goal.

Metallic taste has also been reported as a side effect of pregnancy, allergies, dental disease and kidney disease, making the market for Aqua Delight even wider. What about you? Would you try it?