Going Green By Recycling Water Filters for World Water Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is not the only reason why we’re celebrating “Going Green.” With Spring announcing its arrival next week and World Water Day falling on March 22, the call to action for being good stewards of our environment is more urgent than ever. If we don’t take care of our environment, our environment will definitely turn on us. We are paying homage to the value of going green as it relates to water. It comes as no surprise that the birthstone for March is an Aquamarine. This pale blue gemstone whose name originates from the Roman word “Aqua” meaning water and “Mare” meaning sea resembles the color of seawater.

For decades, we have grown familiar with the term “Going Green.” It is a ubiquitous statement that defines our worldwide ecosystem and the lives of humans and animal life everywhere. Around the world people, businesses and charities are making great strides by building communities to raise awareness about caring for and nurturing our neighbors and our planet.

As we prepare to celebrate World Water Day on March 22, Filters Fast would like to recognize some of our water filter vendors who have implemented impressive recycling programs for their products and going green initiatives.

Mavea offers a comprehensive recycling program where every part is broken down, cleaned and re-used. Nothing goes to the landfill. Return a minimum of 6 “Mavea” filters (only). They will pay the shipping costs. Simply request a pre-paid shipping label. https://www.mavea.com/mavea/mavea-recycling.html?L=0

Rainshow’r is now proud to partner with Active Recycling, an environmentally aware recycler, who understands our desire to limit our impact. For more information about their recycling program visit http://www.rainshowermfg.com/page6/page6.html.

Brita has a recycling campaign that recycles its carbon filters for the pitchers and faucet attachment models. For more information on recycling your Brita, filter visit http://www.brita.com/.

ZeroWater recycles their filters by separating each filter, then sending the plastic along with the materials inside to be sent to various facilities for reuse. Visit http://ww2.zerowater.com/recycling/ for more information.

Everpure water filtration products are recyclable and details on recycling locations can be found at www.everpure.com/ or  you can contact Everpure at (800) 323-7873.

Make sure you are only sending filters made by these companies to avoid being charged for additional shipping. Through recycling, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste that litters our landfills and save energy compared to creating new waste with new products. Everything we do or don’t do plays a vital role in the health and dynamics of planet Earth.

11 thoughts on “Going Green By Recycling Water Filters for World Water Day

  1. Hi Mary,

    It is so good to hear about more people like yourself who are conscious about the health of our environment and anxious to do something about it. Here is a link to the Terra Flo Recycling Program. http://www.terraflo.com/recycle.htm We are in the process of looking at various recycling opportunities to implement with the filters we carry at our company as well. Once we have something in place we will definitely be sharing it with everyone. Thanks so much for your inquiry and for doing your part to be a contributor to the “Green” initiative!

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Many sites are stating that you should dispose of your old filter as you would a dirty air filter. However, slowly but surely many manufacturers are responding to consumers environmental concerns regarding “green” initiatives, particularly where the landfill crisis and toxic waste contamination is concerned. With the volume of PUR UKF8001 Maytag filters that you purchase, check with them to see if they have or maybe in the process of implementing some type of recycling program for their clients. Hope this helps. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Hallie,

    Although we were unable to find specific information on the filters you mentioned, what you could do is contact the manufacturer of your filters, ask them if they have a recycling program in place or if they have partnered with someone who recycles water filters. If they do then they could give you instructions on how to ship it to the department or division that is designated to receive used filters.

    Another thing that you can do is to contact your local electronics store or area recycling center to see if they accept and recycle the filters that you have. Although the companies we mentioned recycle “their” filters, you could ask them if they accept filters made by other companies, even if you have to pay a small shipping fee. In such cases, some companies may send you a coupon or some type of incentive for recycling. As we collect more vendors who have a recycling program in place, we will keep you updated through our blog or other social media posts. Thanks for your inquiry!

  4. Thanks Marc! Every little bit helps. Information and proactivity is the key isn’t it? Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    We have not received any information on a recycling program for Pur water filters yet, but as we find out about companies adding recycling programs we will share that with you. One good thing to do is to see if the products that you use offer some type of recycling program to help and increase environmental awareness and sustainability. Thanks so much for your comment!

  6. I am wondering about other water filters like calgon, and the generic fit over the counter filters for Terra flo (which I guess is gone). We have a generic filter from ‘filters fast’, that I would love to recycle! any further information would be lovely. I do as much of this as I can. thanks! Mary

  7. Do you know if PUR UKF8001 Maytag is recyclable and how do we go about returning them. I change out about 10 filter in our building of 298 apartment per month. I would love to be able to recycling them.


  9. Thanks for the info! I had ordered Whirlpool (via Pur?) which does not appear to be recyclable. Next time I will get a brand that offers recycling.

  10. Thank you for taking the initiative to share this information! It’s great that you care!

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