Our Deals are Hot and We’re Still on Fire!

Did you really think we actually cooled down after that blazing hot Fire Sale last week? Nope! Think again. You responded so well, that we decided to slash more prices to get them off of our hands and into yours. Now, sooner or later a fire will go out, so our exclusive offers will not last forever. Take advantage of these unbelievable discounts while you still can and save BIG on some of your favorite items!


The InSinkErator Complete Filtration System
Was: $73.00      Now: $59.99



The Aqua Flo Reverse Osmosis System
Was: $179.99       Now: $169.99



The Vapur Anti-Bottle Water Bottle
Was: $8.00      Now: $6.99




The Kooler Genius Leak Controller
Was: $39.99      Now: $29.99



The Honeywell UV Air Treatment System
Was: $425.00    Now: $358.99



Trion Air Bear Supreme 2000 Media Air Cleaner
Was: $99.00     Now: $66.99




3M Filtrete Air Purifier-Ultra Quiet
Was: $55.99    Now: $49.99



Hydrotech 1240 M Series RO System
Was: $244.75      Now: $199.99




Honeywell PRO 4000 Programmable Thermostat
Was: $58.99      Now: $38.99



PUR Faucet Mount Filter System 3-Stage Chrome
Was: $29.99     Now: $26.99


Don’t wait around any longer. These discounted deals are for a limited time only and while supplies last!

The IQAir HealthPro Plus Sweepstakes

May is asthma and allergy awareness month. Did you know that asthma and allergy rates are higher than ever? This is the time of year where many allergy and asthma problems begin to flare up for many people. Did you also know that the IQAir HealthPro Plus is the number one air purifier for asthma and allergies?

The IQ Air Plus will filter about 100X more than your ordinary HEPA filter with its HyperHEPA filtration.  This will remove and reduce dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, smoke, dust mites, fabric fibers, gases, odors, indoor air pollution and other common allergens. The IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier comes equipped with three high quality HEPA filters – the IQAir HealthPro HEPA Pre-Filter, the IQAir HealthPro HyperHEPA Air Filter, and the IQAir HealthPro V5-Cell Air Filter. All three filters provide maximum filtration of the air in your home and are ideal for indoor allergy sufferers. The IQAir HealthPro Plus has received more official number one reviews than any other home air purifier and is IQAir’s best selling air purifier unit.

Now, you can get an even better deal with the purchase of this unique system. From May 24, 2012 to June 30, 2012, any customer that purchases a HealthPro Plus from an authorized IQAir dealer will be eligible to win a 5 year supply of HealthPro Plus replacement filters. The prize will include 2 HyperHEPA Filters, 3 V5-Cell Filters and 5 PreMax Pre-Filters. That is an estimated value of $750!  The winner will be randomly selected in a drawing that will be conducted after the sweepstakes concludes. Find out more details about this exciting event, click the link below to take advantage of this opportunity! Beat your asthma and allergies once and for all!

IQAir Filter Giveaway Sweepstakes

Aquamira: In Case of Emergency- Emergency Preparedness

When natural disasters hit, thousands and sometimes millions are impacted in a negative way. Many are left without electricity, food and even water. Although we don’t like to think about it, disasters can happen to anyone and we must be properly equipped to handle it. Ask yourself these questions: “If a disaster was to strike, would I be prepared? Would my family be prepared? Do I have an emergency kit on hand in case of such emergencies?” Whatever your answers are, Aquamira has many items that will keep you prepared for an emergency.

The one basic resource that is often affected in times of emergency is water. Water is vital to life and perhaps becomes even more critical in times of emergency. The Aquamira Water Filter CR-100 is a filtered water bottle that is both lightweight and easy to use. This filtered bottle removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors from your water, while also removing more than 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. This Aquamira water bottle features an ergonomic shape that rests comfortably in various locations. The BITE-ME valve of this water bottle filter offers high flow rates and prevents leaks. The correct replacement filter for this water bottle is the CR-100 Capsule Replacement, which offers a 100 gallon capacity and prevents cross contamination.

When an emergency strikes it is always a good idea to have water drops on hand.  The Aquamira Water Treatment Drops helps to purify many different types of water making it safe to drink. Whether warm, cold, muddy or clear, these water purification drops utilize chlorine dioxide to improve the taste of your drinking water, is easily portable and has a long shelf life. Part A of the drop will kill odor causing bacteria and Part B is the Phosphoric Acid Activator. Use these drops with the Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System. It is also perfect for on-the-go use including hiking, camping and traveling.

While your blankets may not be in much use during the summer months, a blanket can go a long way in the event of an emergency. The Aquamira Emergency Blanket is constructed with Microfiber Technology that helps to make this blanket soft and comfortable. This emergency blanket includes its own carrying case that leaves room for you to store other emergency related items as well. This microfiber blanket is machine washable, can be dried and reused without compromising its comfort and softness.

Check out our other emergency products  and click on the icon below to see a video about setting up your emergency preparedness kit. Don’t be caught off guard if a disaster strikes. Take steps now to prepare for your family in case of emergency.