Salute the Flag: Honoring the American Flag


Red, white and blue. Those familiar and often celebrated colors have become entrenched in our society. Whenever you see those colors together, you can’t help but get a feeling of patriotism. The American flag for many is a symbol of freedom and hope. A symbol for what this country stands for and believes. The history of our flag goes all the way back to 1777 when the second continental Congress passed a resolution that adopted our now familiar flag as the official flag of America. However, it was 139 years later when President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that gave our flag its own day, and thus, Flag Day was born. On June 14 of every year, Flag Day is celebrated as a way to commemorate the adoption of the flag that has become a big part of our lives. There are many ways to celebrate Flag Day such as attending parades and cookouts. Whatever your method of celebrating is, we thought we would highlight some of our very own red, white and blue products in honor of this special day.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier Dragon: Who say’s humidifiers can’t look cool? Perfect for the little ones in your life, this will do more than just look pretty on the shelf. It will help to relieve physical symptoms resulting from dry air, such as dry nose, throat, lips and skin. It also has a removable 1 gallon water tank that makes refilling simple and easy.

Klean Kanteen Bottle and Sport Cap 2.0: This Klean Kanteen 18 oz. bottle is made from BPA free, food-grade stainless steel, making it a perfect alternative to bottled water. Sitting atop the stainless steel water bottle is the newly-designed Klean Kanteen Sports Cap 2.0. The Sport Cap 2.0 has three times the flow rate of the original Klean Kanteen Sport Cap, so you’ll never have to wait on your water to trickle out when you’re thirsty. The cap also features a loop to clip on to backpacks, belts and camping equipment.

Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier-Blue Splash: The Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier is an advanced personal water bottle filtration system. The MyBottle is the only personal water bottle purification system on the entire water filter market that is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To use this water purifier all you have to do is fill the bottle with the water you want purified, insert the specially-designed Katadyn purification system, and drink from virtually any fresh water source.

This Flag Day lets be sure to commemorate not just the American flag, but all of the qualities that it stands for. After all, that is what makes our flag and our country so great.

Exciting Announcement: Doulton Supports the W3 Project

Doulton, one of the world’s largest makers of ceramic filters, is supporting the W3 charity Project. The W3 Project is building a community of people who walk in the pursuit of health and wellness for everyone. This project helps to provide clean drinking water for those who do not have access to it.

According to Dee Rubina, Marketing Manager at

“The W3 Project is thrilled to be in partnership with Doulton. This is a great way to provide clean, safe drinking water to those who are in need of it. This will touch many lives on so many levels and we couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity.”

The W3 Project is a partnership between, Wine To Water and TrekDesk. This charity project collects mile donations to inspire everyone to reach their fitness goals while helping others. As of this writing, over 22,000 miles have been donated to the W3 Project.

According to Tim Evans, Business Development Executive (North America), Doulton Water Filters, UK:

“W3 was a project that really caught our imagination…we feel sure that Doulton customers will be as thrilled as we are to know that with each Doulton purchase, they will be having a positive impact on the quality of life of people in desperate need, and it will not cost them an additional cent.”

Doulton has been a producer of eco-friendly, reusable cartridge filters for over 185 years. Doulton aims to provide safe, healthy, great-tasting drinking water wherever and whenever you need it. Millions of ceramic filters are produced by Doulton annually which currently sells in 140 countries worldwide.

One of the products Doulton sells is the Doulton HCPS Twin Counter Top System which is a two stage Doulton counter top water purifier system. This Doulton counter top system is a free standing system which utilizes Doulton ceramic technology for thorough home water filtration. It is easily installed on existing cold water faucets or mixer faucets via a diverter valve and the UltraCarb Ceramic Filter Candle fits this system and will filter out bacteria, cysts and chlorine.

Filters Need Love Too Contest

The filters that we have in our homes are crucial to our day-to-day lives. They clean the air we breathe and purify the water we drink. How about giving these important household items some love? Send in a photo of your filters. Doesn’t matter if it’s an air filter, water filter, a filtration pitcher or even a car filter. Just email your photo to and we will post the photo to our “Filters Need Love Too” Photo album (located directly under the cover photo). The picture with the most “Likes” wins a brand new ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher! So tell your friends you want a FREE water filtration pitcher. Tell them to help you out by liking our Facebook page and your photo to increase your chances of winning! Check out more details below!

To enter the contest:

1.)    Email your photo of your household filtration products to  and we will post the photo to our “Filters Need Love Too ” photo album (located directly under the cover photo)

2.)    Tell all your friends to “Like” our Facebook page so they can “Like” your photo

3.)    After your photo is submitted, everyone will vote for their favorite by “liking” the photo

4.)    The contest ends Thursday June 14  at 3:00PM EST

5.)    The winner of the contest receives a FREE ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher


7.) Only those who have not won a contest in the past 30 days will be eligible to win the prize

Prize Details:

The ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher is a patented 5-Stage Dual-Ion Exchange filtration system that has a 23-cup capacity dispenser, a TDS meter (which stands for Total Dissolved Solids, which will show you anything that is dissolved in your water and can abe used to let you know when it is time to change your filter), it also includes a filter.This water filtration pitcher will remove virtually all dissolved solids from your water, providing you with great tasting drinking water.

Additional Information:

  • Voting and submission begins Friday June 8 and ends Thursday June 14 at 3:00PM EST. The photo with the most “Likes” by the end of the contest wins.
  • Please be sure to post only your own photos.
  • Only those who have not won a contest in the past 30 days will be eligible to win the prize.
  • In the event of a tie, a winner will be randomly selected. 
  • The winner of the contest has one week to claim their prize.  

You can win a great free pitcher just for sending in a photo. It’s a win-win situation. Submit your photo today!