It’s So Hot, We’ve Gone Mad

Wouldn’t it be great if we gave you free shipping? Is that a yes? Well you asked for it, so you got it. From Friday July 27, 2012 to Sunday July 29, 2012 you will receive FREE shipping on all orders over $99 from This is what we call a fantastic deal. So don’t miss this exciting opportunity for complimentary shipping on all orders over $99. This offer is for Contiguous US orders only. Hurry because this offer is for a limited time so don’t delay and take advantage today!

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You'll see me writing on a variety of topics, but they all come back to two basic things: water and air. I become more of an expert as I write, and I hope that you will too! In this industry you'll see a lot of jargon. I'll do my best to filter through it to show you exactly how clean water and air impacts your life. So sit back, enjoy and thank you for visiting The Filtered Files!

One thought on “It’s So Hot, We’ve Gone Mad

  1. Wish I had waited to place my order today — I placed it yesterday! Only paid $1.99 so not a big deal.

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