Family Health and Fitness Day 2012

Family Health and Fitness Day 2012


On September 29, 2012 the 16th annual Family Health and Fitness Day will kick off. This annual event is held to promote family involvement in physical activity. Around the country, local organizations such as YMCA’s, schools, park districts and more will hold health-related events with the purpose of not only promoting fitness but also fighting obesity and making important lifestyle changes.

These lifestyle changes center on developing a regular exercise routine for you and your family. Unfortunately, many routines never come to pass due to a lack of motivation. But what if you weren’t just exercising for you? What if you were also doing it for others as well? With The W3 Project’s “Walk for you. Walk for them” campaign, you can do just that. With every mile donated, The W3 Project will raise $1 for Wine To Water in an effort to bring clean water to those in need. Every mile donated will bring clean water to one person for an entire year. For more information on this charity effort, go to .

There are many exercise routines that you and your family can take part of on a regular basis even after this event is over. Taking a long walk around your neighborhood, going on a hike or bike ride with your family are great ways to stay fit and live a more healthy life.

As our country’s obesity rate continues to stay at alarming levels, the importance of health and fitness has never been more important. This is your opportunity to find a health-related event in your area, gather your family and get fit.

National Comic Book Day: Superheroes Unite!

National Comic Book Day


Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man are comic book superheroes who we have become equated with over the years. From blockbuster movies to games and comic books, these heroes protect the world from threats no normal human can overcome. We got to thinking, if we could assemble a team of heroes with the coolest water and air based powers, who would be on it? In honor of National Comic Book Day, here are our members of the FiltersFast Fab 5:

Aquaman: The obvious choice. He lives under water in the kingdom of Atlantis and has telepathic abilities to communicate with marine life. He can also breathe under water and swim at incredibly high speeds giving Michael Phelps a run for his Olympic golds.

The Flash: He may not have water or air powers per say, but he can move, think and react at superhuman speeds. He can also vibrate through walls and run on water. That alone is enough to warrant inclusion on this team.

Storm: No good superhero team is complete without the female heroine. She can make it rain one minute or terribly windy the next all before settling on a nice sunny day. Who doesn’t wish we could control the weather especially when it ruins our outdoor plans?

Superman: The quintessential superhero who can literally do it all. He can fly through air, inhale and exhale huge volumes of air with tremendous force and see all 7 oceans of the earth before we even eat breakfast.

The Water Guardian: He’s a newbie compared to the other veterans, but if you’ve been playing The Water Guardian (if you haven’t, shame on you) then you know all about him. He’s on a quest to stop waterborne contaminates from polluting the water supply with nothing but a sword and a water purification tablet. Cryptosporidium better watch his back.

If you haven’t in a while, pick up a comic book of your favorite super hero and experience the joys of reading these imaginative stories. Who is your favorite super hero? Let us know in the comments below.

National Dog Week: Honoring Man’s Best Friend

National Dog WeekThey come in all colors, shapes and sizes. I’m not talking about people; I’m talking about man’s best friend: dogs. These friendly canines have managed to become a critical part of our society from helping guide the blind, helping police fight crime and simply being a pleasure to be around. It is because of this that there is a whole week dedicated to our four-legged friends. National Dog Week is an 84-year old tradition that is still going strong and uniting many dog lovers from around the country. In honor of this special occasion, let’s look at some dog-related products for your best friend.

Sawyer Tick Pliers with MagnifierAny dog owner will tell you that owning a dog can come with one potential hassle: ticks. These small arachnids carry infectious disease through saliva that causes detrimental health effects for you and your dog. The Sawyer Tick Removal Pliers with Magnifier helps you inspect your dog for ticks and remove them without squeezing the saliva from the tick into the skin. These pliers make it safe, fast and easy to remove ticks not only from your dog, but from humans as well.

Dogit Pet Water FountainThe Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Pet Drinking Fountain has been a favorite for our customers for many years.  Not only does this pet drinking fountain provide filtered water for your dog, but also features a re-circulating water flow that provides a constant supply of fresh water. This fountain has a large, elevated surface area making it useful for dogs that are larger, older or suffering physical ailments. This fountain accepts the Dogit Design Fountain Filter Cartridges that are economically priced for under $10.

WaterQuik Pet Water Fountain with ValveThe WaterQuik Pet Water Fountain with Valve is another useful product for your dog. Attach this water filter to your garden hose or spigot and get filtered, clean drinking water for your pet. This pet water filter is effective in reducing chlorine, chemicals and pesticides. When purchasing this filter, don’t forget to pick up the correct filter replacement which will provide filtered water for your pet for up to six months.

Show your dog some love, after all they are family too. Give them the love and care they deserve.