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Austin Air Babys Breath Air Purifier HM205

When you buy the Austin Air HM205 Baby’s Breath Allergy Machine from February 5, 2013- February 19, 2013, you will receive a FREE GWP (gift with purchase) of the Austin Air HM205 pre-filter. This GWP (a $22 value) will be shipped separately from your Austin Air Baby’s Breath Allergy Machine. This gift applies to the following models:

It is a natural instinct to keep your loved ones safe from harm, but unfortunately it’s the dangers we can’t see that can be detrimental to their health. Unseen dangers, such as airborne contaminants, cause allergy flare-ups for millions of young and old Americans. For babies or infants, dealing with asthma and allergies can be particularly troublesome. This is where the Austin Air HM205 Baby’s Breath Air Purifier comes in.

A perfect choice to protect your loving child from allergies, the HM205 will provide a better night’s sleep and a cleaner environment for your baby to live in. If you don’t believe the Austin Air HM205 will have a considerable impact on your child’s health, consider the results of this study by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“The study, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, monitored a group of 225 children over a 12 month period, to determine how the use of our air cleaners could help to reduce the number of unscheduled hospital visits. The results were clear, for the children using our air cleaners, the number of visits was reduced by a remarkable 18.5%. By improving the quality of air for our customers and specifically those with severe respiratory problems, we can help to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with diseases such as asthma.” -Michael Domon, Sales Manager at the Austin Group

The HM205 air purifier is the best option for baby allergy relief, asthma and other respiratory issues. Available at a lower price than you’ll find anywhere else, place your order for the Austin Air HM205 Baby’s Breath Allergy Machine between February 5, 2013- February 19, 2013 and receive a free pre-filter with your purchase.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and what better time than to show your loved ones how much you care about their health and wellness. Giving the gift of clean indoor air to help your bundle of joy breathe better and rest easier is an ideal way to show how much you care.

Best Asthma and Allergy Prevention Methods: What Can you Do?

According to recent reports, an estimated one in five Americans suffers from allergy or asthma symptoms. Allergies now rank 5th in the US in chronic diseases, and an estimated 8% of the US now suffers from asthma symptoms. Many believe this increase in asthma and allergy sufferers can be traced back to poor air quality. The triggers that cause asthma attacks and allergy flare ups, most often live in the air you breathe. Without realizing it, you are breathing in toxic airborne pollutants, which come from smoke, pet dander, inadequate ventilation and more.  If you or someone you know suffers from asthma or allergies, there are prevention options to choose from.

The Austin Air HM405 Allergy Machine is a proven option for the prevention of asthma and allergies. According to Michael Domon, Sales Manager at The Austin Group:

“When we took part in a medical study, we were confident the results would confirm what we at Austin have known for many years. The study, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, monitored a group of 225 children over a 12 month period, to determine how the use of our air cleaners could help to reduce the number of unscheduled hospital visits. The results were clear, for the children using our air cleaners, the number of visits was reduced by a remarkable 18.5%.”

These results were made possible by the air purifiers’ ability to ease asthma and allergy symptoms by reducing smoke, germs, allergens and more. The Austin Air Allergy Machine features a 3 speed control and cleans rooms up to 1,500 square feet.

Rated as Consumers Digest Best Buy, the IQAir HealthPro Plus Room Air Purifier System is the #1 home air purifier on the market. Used in hospitals and homes across the country, this home air purifier provides a healthier home environment for those dealing with severe asthma and allergies. Weighing 35 pounds for easy mobility, the IQAir reduces 99.97% of particles, contaminates and pollutants. The correct replacement filters are also available to ensure optimum performance levels are maintained.

Easy to operate and control, the Crane Digital Germ Defense Humidifier, provides relief from airborne allergens in the home. Offering the choice of cool or warm mist, the Crane Digital Germ Defense was recently featured in our Working Moms Review as an excellent prevention option for the allergy sufferer.

Many allergens can become trapped in your carpet causing flare-ups for millions of Americans, so regularly vacuum all carpets in your home with the correct filters, bags and belts for your vacuum cleaner.  Regularly replace air filters in your HVAC unit to improve the air quality in your home. Air purifiers will also help to reduce pet dander and other airborne particles.

Three Important Filters that Keep Your Refrigerator Healthy


A refrigerator is arguably the most important kitchen appliance, but its maintenance is often overlooked. Many are not aware of the simple steps to take in order to keep your refrigerator healthy and running at its optimum performance. Refrigerator maintenance begins with one word: filters. Refrigerator filters protect against harmful contaminants, bad odors and more. To keep your refrigerator healthy, there are 3 filters you should keep your eye on.

Refrigerator water filters reduce waterborne contaminants, providing a clean and healthy source of water for your family. If you have not changed your refrigerator water filter in the last six months, chances are it is time for it to be replaced. In many refrigerators, a filter indicator light will signal when it is time to change your filter. Simply follow the manufacturer’s directions on removing and replacing the filter, which can often be done in just a few minutes.

After the filter is changed, don’t forget to reset the filter button. Check your refrigerator model to see which refrigerator water filters are compatible for your brand and browse through our assortment of refrigerator water filters to keep a replacement on hand.

Refrigerator Odor Air FilterRefrigerator Air Filters are a key component for neutralizing odors and ensuring a fresh stream of air into your refrigerator. Like water filters, your refrigerator air filter should be changed every 6 months depending on usage. Always check your owner’s manual for changing your refrigerator air filter which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Universal Refrigerator Air FilterIf you do not currently use the Refrigerator Fresh Flow Refrigerator Air Filter, then you are missing out on a great way to take preventative action against odors and bacteria. Certified for use with many major brand refrigerators, the Fresh Flow filter will also keep your food fresher for a longer period of time. It is recommended you change the Fresh Flow air filter every six months for peak performance.

Also consider the Whirlpool Refrigerator Deodorizer and Freezer Deodorizer for odor protection and other great benefits. Remember to clean your refrigerator regularly to further minimize bacteria and to keep the food inside safe. While cleaning out your refrigerator, be sure it’s temperature is set between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher and foods will begin to spoil.  If you are not sure how to check the temperature, refer to your owner’s manual. Properly sanitize your refrigerator by thoroughly wiping all surfaces on a regular basis, including any spills as they occur.