How Water Can Fight Off the Cold and Flu – Cure & Remedies

Water-fights-off-germsThe cold and flu season is no fun. The sniffling, sneezing and headaches add up to a big discomfort for many. While there is no cure for the common cold or flu, there is an organic way you can fight it: by drinking adequate amounts of water. Water helps to wash germs and viruses out of your immune system and keeps the body hydrated. Many in the medical field suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day to boost your immune system and your overall health.

In addition to keeping your system adequately hydrated, here are 4 benefits on why water is essential for your body.

1. Water oxygenates your blood and flushes out harmful toxins from your immune system.

2. Prevention of common chronic ailments is another benefit of using water to fight off cold, flu and other illnesses.

3. Drinking adequate amounts of water will help you digest your food better.

4. Drinking water will help organs like your eyes and mouth to remain moist and repel contaminants that could cause infections.

Before you run for that glass of water however, stop to think about whether your water is filtered or not. The full benefit of water is ineffective if it contains waterborne contaminants such as bacteria, sediment, Giardia or Cryptosporidium. This is why drinking filtered water, free from contaminants, is best for your immune system.

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Remember that water is a natural way to help your immune system fight germs associated with colds and the flu. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day will keep your body hydrated and ready to fight off harmful viruses. Browse our full selection of water filter pitchers to find the perfect fit for your health and wellness.