Stay Warm This Winter Polar Vortex… Stylish Designer Space Heaters


Photo Courtesy of: The Independent

Have you noticed that it’s a little chilly this winter?  Thanks to a weather phenomenon called the “Polar Vortex” much of the US has been in a deep freeze and it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.  With temperatures colder than they have been for decades, many people are experiencing record breaking lows.

All of this cold weather has led me to think about ways to stay warm. As for myself, my best tip for staying warm during this brutal winter is simple; stay inside!  That’s right. Nothing keeps you warm like being in your nice toasty living room while the weather outside is frightful.  A warm cup of cocoa, coffee or hot tea… sounds nice, right?

One problem you might have noticed lately is that with temps this low and the wind howling like a ferocious beast, sometimes it is hard to keep your room as warm as you would like.  Sure you can crank up the furnace, but systems have to work extremely hard to keep up with the frigid temps outside; which just leads to higher energy consumption and higher bills for you.  One simple solution is to invest in a space heater.

I am very fond of the highly economical Crane Convection Heater.  This is not your parent’s old space heater!  This is an energy efficient product, available in 3 modern colors, that does not make the air drier.  It uses convection heat circulation, not the


standard heat coils of a radiant heater.   Convection heaters offer one major benefit over radiant space heaters and that is that they heat
the entire room by circulating the air, verses only heating the immediate surrounding space. This particular, stylish heater features auto shut-off, a 24-hour programmable timer, whisper quiet operation, as well as dual output options which allow you to heat either a small or large room.

I understand that we cannot spend the next 2 months holed up inside. Life does go on… work, school, basketball games, downhill skiing, shoveling the sidewalk etc. So if you must venture outside, a science based report on suggests the following tips:

  1. Stay dry.
  2. Protect your core (insulate your torso).
  3. Cover up as much skin as possible.
  4. Mittens are warmer than gloves.
  5. Drink water.

After you are finished with your mandatory time outdoors, return to your cozy nest. Turn on your Crane Convection space heater. Grab a warm beverage and put on a pair of fuzzy slippers. Grab a blanket (preferably the one with sleeves), and spend the rest of the evening contemplating Spring!

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