Buying Generic/Compatible Products: Even Air and Refrigerator Filters!

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One of my favorite budgeting tips is to use compatible products.  Compatible, generic, comparable; whichever term you prefer, it basically means you are NOT using the “name brand” item, but rather a product of equal quality, but different brand.  A recent study by economists at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business found that Americans can save nearly $1 billion per year by buying generic products.

There are a lot of commonly known products that we think to buy generic.  Here are a few:

  • Groceries (baby formula, food and drinks)
  • Clothes/ fashion accessories
  • Cleaning products
  • Make-up/ sunscreen/ personal care items
  • Medications
  • Batteries

But did you also know there are some other commonly used household products that are available as generic?, the leading source in online retail for air and water filtration products, offers a variety of compatible items.  Whether you are looking to replace your home’s air filters, refrigerator filters or even swimming pool filters; provides the name brand item, but also offers you more economical options by way of compatible filters.

For example, if you are looking for the Maytag replacement filter in the above picture, you can find it at, but you will also find a perfectly comparable filter (non-Maytag) as well.  The side-by-side graphic above shows the price difference.  In this case, the Maytag being $29.95 and the compatible filter being $19.95!  Then the choice is yours!

Another example is for air filters.  Generally these must be replaced at least 4 times per year, which can quickly add up.  Did you know that offers all of the brands you trust for quality air filtration, as well as their own brand of air filters?  This 6 pack of Filters Fast brand filters will save you $17.00 over the comparable name brand of the same quality!

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As you can see, by checking into buying generic (comparable, compatible) products, you can save money without sacrificing quality.  In addition to your standard off-brand items, such as groceries, there are other nontraditional items to investigate as well.

Visit for a wide range of air and filtration products and brands!

*All prices shown are subject to change

4 thoughts on “Buying Generic/Compatible Products: Even Air and Refrigerator Filters!

  1. Hi Marie, what is the model number for your refrigerator? This will help ensure the correct replacement refrigerator filter is offered to you. Also, do you have an undersink system in place already? Our Customer Experience team is happy to assist you with ordering and to answer your questions at 866-438-3458 M-Th 9AM-6PM EST
    Fri 9AM-5PM EST.

  2. Please let me know how to order generic replacement filters with free shipping.

    I don’t know which I need: 3US-AS01 OR 37S-PS01? (Under sink filter)

    ALSO: Whirlpool refrigerator filter: W10295370 or w10295370A ?

    Thanks, Marie Magill

  3. I need a filter replacement f or a Samsung refrigerator RS25H5111 Their part No is DA29-00019A

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