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Ever hear the phrase “don’t wait until the last minute”? Well it’s true, especially with the holiday’s right around the corner. Last minute gift shopping and last minute runs to the grocery store can cause a big headache. It gets worse when you realize they’re out of what you need. At we want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Here is a list of items you shouldn’t forget to order.

Refrigerator and freezer deodorizers: As the holidays approach and the leftovers pile up, having Whirlpool Refrigerator and Freezer deodorizers will keep a pleasant odor to your refrigerator and freezer while keeping your food fresh for a longer period of time. For best results, use these low cost deodorizers together to ensure that the smell from your refrigerator and freezer stays pleasant.

Air Fresheners: When the guests arrive for the holiday festivities, treat them with a pleasant smell when they walk through the door with Fresh Scents Air Filter Fresheners. They easily attach to any air filter, air conditioner filter and furnace filter providing scented air throughout your entire home. Priced at under $3, these air fresheners come in scents of fresh berries, french vanilla, mountain breeze and much more.

Range and Hood filters: Like most, you or someone you know will be doing a lot of cooking for the upcoming holiday season. Before you begin the holiday cooking however, make sure your microwave oven and range hood filters are replaced. These filters reduce smoke, grease and re-circulate filtered air back into the kitchen. From now until Thanksgiving, you can get an additional 5% off on all American Metal Filter Company range and hood filters that we offer. View our blog for more details.

Don’t wait until the last minute to order this holiday season. Place your order today and have your item delivered straight to your door.

Solar Powered Water Desalination – Portable



Concerned about the lack of fresh drinking water in the developing world, designer Gabriele Diamanti began working on a solution to desalinate water that would be readily available to households. His solution is nothing short of remarkable. Meet the Eliodomestico which, according to, operates like an “upside down coffee percolator.”



The design of the Eliodomestico consists largely of two ceramic pieces that sit on top of each other. Inside the top piece is a black container that salt water is poured into. The sun will then heat the container, turning the salt water into steam. When the pressure builds, the steam is forced down a tube into a container in the lower piece. Once inside, it condenses against the lid and collects in the basin of the container. The bottom of the container is designed to be carried on the head, which is a common practice in developing countries.

Perhaps the most remarkable part is its simplicity. The Eliodomestico, which collects about five liters of fresh water per day, would cost an estimated $50 to build with no operating costs.

With this invention, those in the developing world will be able to desalinate their own water instead of having to rely on centralized desalination plants.

This innovative design received special mention at the Well-Tech Award 2012 and was the pro winner of the Core77 Design Awards 2012 in the social impact category.

Halloween: Ghouls, Goblins and Good Buys – Orange Items

Halloween-frightsHalloween is the time of year when things get scary. From ghosts to zombies and goblins, there are plenty of reasons to be frightened. However, there is one thing scarier than anything else: a good buy! It gets increasingly difficult to find a good buy in today’s world, but we have low, affordable prices for you and your family to enjoy. In honor of the Halloween celebration, here are a few great, low-cost holiday inspired products.

Brita-Orange-Water-PitcherAn orange flip-top lid, electronic filter change indicator and a soft grip handle makes the Brita Grand Water Pitcher Filter one of the most convenient water pitchers available. Unlike many water bottles on the market, this pitcher is BPA free and is reasonably priced at $62.

Crane-Cool-Mist-HumidifierFor fall allergy season and the approaching winter months, a humidifier can be the most important product to have in your home. The Orange Crane Cool Mist Humidifier is not only stylish, but will help relieve dry cough, sinus irritation, allergy congestion and dry skin. This ultrasonic humidifier will also ease symptoms of colds, coughs and the flu. This Crane cool mist humidifier boasts a 10 hour running time and is now available for a cost-effective price of under $50.

Vapur-Reflex-Water-BottlesWouldn’t it be cool to have a portable and reusable water bottle that can be rolled, folded and flattened? Wouldn’t it also be nice if this bottle featured an 18 oz. capacity made of BPA free material? The Vapur Reflex Orange Water Bottle features all of that and more. The best part? It’s available for the lowest price you’ll find on the market of under $6.

While you’re trick or treating this year, don’t forget to pick up the best treats of all: stylish water bottles, pitchers and humidifiers aimed at keeping you and your family in good health. At low, affordable prices, these buys are scary good!

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