Priest Turns Tap Water into Holy Water for Orthodox Romanians

Holy Water

Last year, we wrote about how a small church used bottled water for Baptism, and then shortly after that we wrote about a South Korean professor who was charged with fraud for selling machines he claimed could turn tap water into holy water.

Just last week, an Orthodox priest, Zaharia Peres, claimed to do the same. Only this time, the priest had no ulterior motive for turning tap water into holy water. And he didn’t need a machine.

Instead, Peres consecrated all of Timisoara’s tap water at once. He stood over the reservoirs that supplied the city so that everyone in the city might have access to the holy water. Many opted to go directly to the church to get their fill of holy water, fearing that the water might lose some of its power by travelling through rusty pipes.

Tea Bag Water Filter



You wake up one morning,  head to the kitchen and place a tea bag in your cup. Are you drinking green, black, oolong? Or is that tea bag filled with activated carbon, leaving you not with tea but with clean drinking water?

The newly designed “Tea Bag Water Filter” does just that. The filter uses a basic tea bag design to contain activated carbon, which can remove chemical contaminants. This is why so many of our water filters use some form of carbon. Carbon can adsorb (not absorb) chlorine, lead, mercury, zinc and more, and it is  used in Brita pitchers, inline filters, fridge filters, RO systems and even air filters.

But the tea bag water filter doesn’t stop there. The prototype, designed by Stellenbosch University’s Professor Cloete, also uses a biocide on the outside of the bag to kill off bacteria. Cloete cautions that “all technology has its limits,” but he also says that they have yet to find a bacteria the tea bag water purifier can’t kill.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the water filter is its ease of use. The filter attaches to the neck of a standard water bottle, so you have only to place it in your bottle, fill it up, and you’ve got filtered water at your fingertips.

So where can you buy the tea bag water filter? Not at FiltersFast— yet. The tea bag water filter is currently in production, though Cloete is working with manufacturers and hopes to have a version ready for sale by next month.

When you do purchase the teabag filter, you might be able to take comfort in the fact that your purchase also supports clean water initiatives in developing countries. Cloete hopes that a surcharge can be added to the purchase price so that a portion of all sales will lessen costs of the units for citizens of developing countries who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

Update: It appears this filter is not widely available at online and retail stores. We will keep you posted.

Christmas Trees Can Make You Sneeze

Christmas trees and decorations may trigger allergiesIf you suffer from asthma and allergies, you may be more sensitive to the irritation caused by Christmas trees and holiday decorations this year. Trees have been known to trigger allergies for several reasons. Some people are allergic to a substance in evergreen sap that is released when the branches or trunk are cut. Trees may also carry mold or pollen on their branches. Moreover, artificial trees will collect dust in the time leading up to Christmas, unless stored in airtight containers.

One article suggests several ways to ensure your holiday is allergy-free. Make sure all holiday decorations are cleaned outside before bringing them into indoor living areas, as air quality is often worse indoors. In addition, cleaning regularly can help you avoid breathing in air contaminants. Consider a HEPA vacuum filter, as these are most efficient, and make sure to change your air filters after your decorations go up!

Christmas is only a week away, and you don’t want to be coughing, wheezing, and sneezing when it’s time to open up your gifts.

Speaking of gifts, check out our top picks for unique Christmas gift ideas that you can buy online. If someone in your household is suffering from bad indoor air, just might be your one-stop shopping place this holiday season!