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Pretty in Pink

Breast Cancer AwarenessFor many people the color pink is not just a color. For centuries, the color pink has been used to draw out subtle emotions such as kindness, unselfish love and consideration. It is the color typically used during Valentine’s Day and the “pink ribbon” has become a symbol for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. To celebrate this color, here are some of our own products that are pretty in pink.

Crane CoolMist HumidifierThe Crane Pink Drop Humidifier will keep your family feeling great during the fall and winter months. This humidifier features a smooth drop shape design with a flow rate of 2.3 gallon output per day. The Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier aids in the prevention of cold, cough, flu symptoms, sinus infection and more. This pink humidifier is whisper quiet and can run for 24 hours on the medium setting.

Klean Kanteen Purple Prevention Prayer FlagThe Klean Kanteen Purple Prevention Prayer Flag is a 27 ounce special edition stainless steel water bottle. This Klean Kanteen bottles features a unique “prevention purple” prayer flag designed to raise awareness for preventing and finding a cure for breast cancer. The semi-wide mouth accommodates standard ice cubes and this water bottle will not retain any flavors or odors.

Austin Air Baby Allergy MachineThe Austin Air Baby Pink Allergy Machine is designed for newborns to help them breathe easier. This junior allergy machine helps reduce coughing, snoring, wheezing and sneezing. The reduction of particles in the air, such as pollen and dust help to improve the quality of the air in your nursery.

KOR Reusable Water BottleThe KOR Delta Orchid Pink Water Bottle has a 16.9 ounce capacity and is easy to hold. This reusable water bottle features the KOR Perfect Spout, which has an unique design that is large enough to insert cubes, but small enough to minimize splashing. The spout is also sanitary, as it is unexposed and protected when not in use.

Vapur Water BottlesThe Vapur Reflex Pink Water Bottle features a unique construction that allows it to stand upright when full and can be folded, rolled and flattened when empty. With a capacity of 18 ounces, this bottle is easier to carry than standard water bottles and is dishwasher safe.

During the month of October, let us take time to remember what Breast Cancer Awareness Month is all about. Show your support for this cause in any way you can.

National Comic Book Day: Superheroes Unite!

National Comic Book Day


Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man are comic book superheroes who we have become equated with over the years. From blockbuster movies to games and comic books, these heroes protect the world from threats no normal human can overcome. We got to thinking, if we could assemble a team of heroes with the coolest water and air based powers, who would be on it? In honor of National Comic Book Day, here are our members of the FiltersFast Fab 5:

Aquaman: The obvious choice. He lives under water in the kingdom of Atlantis and has telepathic abilities to communicate with marine life. He can also breathe under water and swim at incredibly high speeds giving Michael Phelps a run for his Olympic golds.

The Flash: He may not have water or air powers per say, but he can move, think and react at superhuman speeds. He can also vibrate through walls and run on water. That alone is enough to warrant inclusion on this team.

Storm: No good superhero team is complete without the female heroine. She can make it rain one minute or terribly windy the next all before settling on a nice sunny day. Who doesn’t wish we could control the weather especially when it ruins our outdoor plans?

Superman: The quintessential superhero who can literally do it all. He can fly through air, inhale and exhale huge volumes of air with tremendous force and see all 7 oceans of the earth before we even eat breakfast.

The Water Guardian: He’s a newbie compared to the other veterans, but if you’ve been playing The Water Guardian (if you haven’t, shame on you) then you know all about him. He’s on a quest to stop waterborne contaminates from polluting the water supply with nothing but a sword and a water purification tablet. Cryptosporidium better watch his back.

If you haven’t in a while, pick up a comic book of your favorite super hero and experience the joys of reading these imaginative stories. Who is your favorite super hero? Let us know in the comments below.