Smart Ideas for Holiday Decorating Using 3M Picture Hanging Strips

Are you in a dilemma about what to do with those Christmas and Holiday greeting cards that you get? Why not make a collage with those cards using 3M Command Picture hanging strips on a door, wall or other available space in your home? Do you have some of your favorite digital photos from previous holidays or a winter scene that you can make into an artistic photographic display? You can frame and hang those photos using the Command Picture Hanging Strips. We offer 3 convenient sizes to choose from.

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips – Small
Set of 4
Works on many surfaces
Weight capacity: 1 pound
Picture locks securely in place
Sturdy enough to hold most 8″x10″ frames.

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips – Medium
Set of 3
Weight capacity: 3 pound
Sturdy enough to hold most 18″x24″ frames

3M Command Large Adhesive Mounting Strips
Contains a set of 6
Weight capacity: Up to 5 pounds

The decorating possibilities with the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips are endless. You can use these hanging strips to display lightweight clocks, mirror, artwork or a dry erase board to your refrigerator. The 3M strips are ideal for using in your dorm room, office and home. These strips lock securely in place and can easily be removed without damaging your walls and other delicate surfaces.

So, what damage-free hanging solutions can you use the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips for? Check out our selection of 3M Command products. Be creative and share your ideas with us. Happy Decorating!


Make the Holidays Easier with 3M Sawtooth Picture Hangers

Are you ready for the holidays? With the season in full swing, it’s time to take down the ornaments, trees, lights, and other festive accessories from your attic and crawlspace. Many of you might be groaning at the thought of turning your home into a winter wonderland, but here’s a simple trick that will make it easier:  3M Command Sawtooth Picture Hangers.  These sawtooth picture hangers will allow you to hang your favorite holiday artwork without sacrificing your walls.

The 3M Command Sawtooth Picture Hanger will eliminate the need for nails and screws- and therefore unsightly damage to your walls. Who wants unnecessary holes and scratches in the wall for a picture that will only hang for the holiday season? Each hanger will hold up to 5 pounds or frames up to 11” x 17” inches in size. This 3M picture hanger is perfect for frames and pictures with a Sawtooth backing. The Command hook can be easily removed and reused without damaging your walls and eliminates the need for tacks, nails, tape or screws.

If you’re looking for a creative holiday idea for your home or apartment, consider making an eye-catching tree on your living room or dining room wall. Choose decorative papers, images, wrapping paper, holiday cards, photos and any other winter designs that inspire you. Then, put your artwork in frames of varying shapes, sizes and colors.  Play around with the frames on the floor, moving the frames into the shape of a Christmas tree. Use 3M Command Sawtooth Picture Hangers and you’ve made a beautiful holiday tree that doesn’t require sweeping up pine needles!