The Fashion Must-Have for Accessorizing Active Wear

When you attend an exercise class, workout at the gym or if you are the consummate outdoor enthusiast, don’t forget your unisex, eco-friendly fashion accessory that serves as a source of refreshment simultaneously. Am I talking about a dazzling resistance band? No. Rhinestone studded hand weights? Nope. Could it be the latest leggings, hoodies, shorts, footwear or racerback tank tops? Nah. The fashion accessory that’s in vogue and gaining popularity during workout routines and in athletic wear are eco-friendly, colorful reusable water bottles. Water bottles? Yes, reusable, environmentally friendly water bottles.

Since there is so much controversy surrounding the hazards of plastic water bottles affecting wildlife and the environment, investing in a reusable water bottle is an economical, safe, durable and fashionable alternative. Upon arriving on my first day of Zumba, I noticed that most of the people in my class had the same fashion “must-have” in mind. The splash of multi-colored reusable water bottles that everyone clutched in their hands like a glass of fine wine looked like fragments from a rainbow.

Several attendees had cute little collapsible water bottles that you could easily fit in your pocket, handbag or backpack once they were empty. Many had sports bottles that were BPA free and made from food-grade stainless steel. A few of the really serious minded people carried personal water bottle purifiers that contain a carbon pre-filter to remove waterborne contaminants from your drinking water. Surprisingly, my new workout buddies are insightful advocates for eco-friendly water bottle solutions.

What hot fashion statement is your reusable water bottle sporting? Ocean blue? Red Hot Red? Emerald green? Vivacious purple? Brushed steel? Tell us about your eco-friendly, recyclable, water bottle fashion statement. When and where do you use yours the most? How do you feel about revolutionizing alternative solutions for protecting the environment from plastic water bottles, while quenching your thirst? We’d love to hear from you. Remember, reusable water bottles are a workout accessory that’s definitely in vogue!