Improve Indoor Air Quality with AirMaster Carpet

A new carpet from DESSO – an international carpet manufacturer – is appropriately named “AirMaster” for its ability to clean indoor air. This is especially beneficial to chronic allergy and asthma sufferers. With most people these days spending the majority of their time indoors, good indoor air quality is essential to good health.

In general, carpets can act as air filters by trapping particles that, when breathed, can enter the lungs and eventually get into the bloodstream causing a host of health problems.  AirMaster carpet reduces the amount of particulates in the air and is eight times more effective than hard flooring and four times better than standard carpeting. It releases 80 percent of particulates when vacuumed, making it better able to restore its dust-trapping capability than standard carpets or hard floors. This carpet will primarily be aimed at public buildings, such as offices, hospitals and schools, where there is a lot of human traffic, as feet stir up dust from the floor.