Gift Suggestions for Pets and Aquarium Lovers – Cat & Dog Presents


Need gifts for the pet and aquarium lover in your life? We have great gift suggestions that won’t disappoint that special person or pet.






Marina S15 Power Filter                                  Dogit Fresh & Clear Pet Drinking Fountain
Filters aquariums up to 100 gallons                  Provides a consistent supply of fresh
with a unique and compact design.                   and clean drinking water for pets.






Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain                   AquaClear Aquarium Power Filters
Never give your cat stale and stagnant water         Have superior water quality filtration
again with this outdoor drinking fountain.               in aquariums from 20-100 gallons.







Dogit Alfresco Pet Drinking Fountain                       Pruven Pet Hair Removal Tool
Reduces debris, food, hair and                                Includes 1 tool and 5 refill sheets to
sediment from pet drinking water.                            remove pet hair and dander.






Pruven Waste Bag Dispenser                                 Pruven Dog Training Pads
Cleaning up messes left by pets                             Ideal for pet training and protects the
has never been easier.                                           floor against accidents in the home.

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