Pura Bottle-Free Cooler: A New Generation of Water Cooler Conversations

A New Generation of Bottle-Free Water Dispensers

One of the most common forms of social networking that used to be all the rage in offices everywhere was meeting at the water cooler to catch up on the latest office gossip and rumors. Gathering near the company water dispenser that housed a huge upside down water bottle, while holding one of those little cone-shaped paper cups, was indeed a Kodak moment.

The days of purchasing bottled water is taking a backseat to the newest concept in filtered water. Bottleless water coolers are becoming a new topic among today’s water cooler dialogues. One of the most popular residential and commercial bottle-free water coolers is the Pura Ultimate Ultraviolet Bottleless Water Cooler. This advanced system features UV sanitation to protect your water from bacteria and BioCote technology that offers antimicrobial protection against waterborne contaminants like mold, fungi and unpleasant odors. It is equipped with three water filters:

An Activated Carbon Filter to reduce odor and chlorine taste.

A Sediment Filter to reduce sediments and turbidity

A Reverse Osmosis Filter to reduce total dissolved solids in your water.

This water dispensing system is ideal for offices, gyms, schools, churches, doctor’s offices and homes. The Pura Ultimate UV water cooler dispenser provides an endless supply of water with safety and security in mind.  With three convenient water temperature settings this reverse osmosis water cooler has leak detection with an automatic shut-off to prevent water damage. The initial cost of this system is an investment that will pay off for years to come. It takes less money to own and maintain a Pura bottle-free water cooler than it is to frequently purchase bottled water.

This bottle-less water cooler is ideal for residential and commercial applications. Companies like Carolina Coolers conveniently installs bottle-free water dispensers for your home or office. The sleek modern design and steady supply of clean water is definitely a hot topic by your snazzy new water cooler!