Enjoy Fresh, Clean Water- Even While Camping!

Thinking of going camping this fall season? Across the country the leaves have changed and there are a multitude of beautiful colors to be seen.  The cool, crisp air means less bugs and clear night skies full of stars. If you, like me, are not THRILLED at the prospect of sleeping outside and not having clean fresh water to drink, the following products will save the day.


Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier- Blue Splash

This sleek and stylish Katadyn water bottle does more than simply hold water. This water bottle features a personal filtration system directly inside the bottle. The built in virustat and cyst filter will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts and other impurities from virtually all fresh water sources. In addition, the carbon cartridge removes chemicals, making your water taste better. The MyBottle is even registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency for its efficiency at removing impurities.

Use the Katadyn MyBottle to filter the following water sources:

1)      Lakes

2)      Ponds

3)      Rivers

4)      Streams

Katadyn Mini Ultralight Series Microfilter- Black

                The Katadyn Mini Ultralight Microfilter is ideal for camping and hiking. This filter removes protozoa, cysts, sediment, dirt, viruses, spores dirt and bacteria down to 0.2 microns in size. This microfilter has a 2,000 gallon capacity before needing a filter replacement. Weighing less than a pound, this easy to carry filtration system is great when you do not have a readily available fresh water source.

Klean Kanteen 18 oz Bottle & Loop Cap- Red

    The Kleen Kanteen 18 oz Bottle is BPA free and is manufactured out of the highest quality stainless steel. This is an eco friendly alternative to bringing a 24 pack of bottled water to your next camping trip. The convenient loop cap makes it easy to attach to backpacks and camping equipment.  This water bottle comes in a variety of colors.

 Nite Ize Carbiner, Klean Kanteen S-Biner # 3

         The Kleen Kanteen Carbiner will make it easy for you and your family to attach your Kleen Kanteen water bottle to belts, backpacks and camping equipment. Manufactured out of the same stainless steel as your Kleen Kanteen water bottle, two snaps is all it takes to bring your bottle everywhere you need it to go.


Vapur Anti Bottle Water Bottle- Pink 16 oz.

Perfect for the little campers in your party,  this reusable water bottle  features a space saving design. They are extremely flexible and almost completely collapsible, making this water bottle ideal when you are tight on space. The matching clip on the water bottle makes it easy to clip onto hiking bags and camping equipment. This water bottle is made out of BPA free plastic and holds 16 ounces.



With these easy to use products, you can be sure that your next camping and hiking trip will be a great success!

Instapure F5 Faucet Filter named “Best Buy”

Instapure F5I just wanted to share some news on the Instapure F5 Faucet Filter, which was just named a Consumers Digest Best Buy. Since this title is awarded to less than three percent of competing models in each category, it’s worth pointing out what makes this filter worthy of such a distinction.
Though the release doesn’t specify exactly why Consumers Digest named it a Best Buy, we think it probably has a lot to do with the fact that the Instapure F5 reduces far more contaminants than most faucet filters. Most such filters reduce only the taste and odor of Chlorine, but the Instapure F5 also reduces 99.99% of microbial cysts, as well as lead. Given this, it’s not surprising the filter was named a Best Buy, which Consumers Digest defines “as a product that offers the most value for a given amount of money.” Filters Fast sells the filter for only $17.
Scott Wright, Instapure’s chief executive officer, emphasized how just one faucet filter can reduce a person’s dependency on bottled water.
“Every 200-gallon filter we put in the hand of consumers has the potential to eliminate 1500 plastic bottles,” Wright said in a press release. “The Instapure filter is truly a green solution to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint.”
Click here to see the Instapure F5, as well as our entire line of Instapure products.

Katadyn ExStream Water Bottles

With warm weather now gracing much of the country, many are heading to the great outdoors to camp, hike and fish. Depending on how great these outdoors are, keeping hydrated and finding clean water sources can be paramount.
You don’t want to be burdened with carrying bottles upon bottles of drinking water, but at the same time, you don’t want to risk drinking water from streams, lakes and rivers, which can contain waterborne protozoa such as Giardia.
The Katadyn Exstream water bottle allows to drink such water without consuming bacteria and harmful contaminants. The bottle uses an advanced Virustat technology to kill 99.9999% of waterborne viruses. Just dip the bottle into any water source and you instantly have safe and delicious drinking water.
I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t that take some of the fun out of “roughing it”?
Well don’t think for a second that MacGyver himself would prefer a paper clip, a piece of gum and some fishing line over this water bottle. When you’re outdoors and clean drinking water is scarce, this water bottle can be a lifesaver.
Katadyn also makes a variety of pocket filters, siphons and emergency water tabs to ensure you’ll be safe and hydrated when on your next camping or hiking trip.