The Time for Revolution is at Hand

Adorned in colonial waistcoats and tri-cornered hats, the men piloted their boat into Boston harbor to dump the unfairly priced beverages back into the rolling sea beneath. It was nothing short of a political revolt, an act of resistance urging the masses to take action against the injustices under which they had suffered for far too long.
We all recognize this scene as from the Boston Tea Party in 1773. But some Boston residents witnessed this demonstration just a week ago, and it wasn’t tea and taxes that was being protested against: it was bottled water.
Activists from the Think Outside the Bottle campaign performed this demonstration to draw attention to United Nations World Water Day on March 22. More specifically, it was an effort to convince more people to drink tap water, rather than its comparatively overpriced and ecologically-irresponsible equivalent.
So, America, rise up against your oppressors! Know your enemy, bottled water, and choose your weapons wisely. Whether you are looking for faucet filters, Brita pitchers, or even undersink or reverse osmosis systems, Filters Fast has everything you need to fight the good fight!