His-and-Hers Bottled Water

Stone City Bottled Water in Anamosa will soon distribute “his-and-hers” vitamin-enhanced bottled water – branded as H 10 O, with 10 essential gender-specific vitamins in each bottle – to local stores in 60 Iowa and Illinois counties. Men’s flavors include “Citrus Sport,” “Lemon Ice Tea,” and “Orange Energy.” Women’s flavors are “Berry Sport,” “Peach Mango Tea,” and “Tropical Energy.” The company sales account manager, Patrick Lage admits that there is really not much difference between the flavors for men and those for women. Mainly, the men’s bottles have more B vitamins. Both men and woman can drink all six flavors without any problems.  These bottles will be sold for a promotional price of $1 per bottle and then switch to a range between $1.59 and $1.79.


This is almost as ridiculous as the Candwich (sandwich in a can). Are bottled water companies getting desperate in the wake of environmentalist efforts? There is even an “environment” tab in the “About Us” section on the H 10 O website, to inform the consumer that these bottles are made with PET plastic, “the most easily recycled plastic available.” They’re not fooling me though. My advice? Save your money. Buy a water filter, take a multivitamin, eat healthy and exercise. It sounds like a lot, but the result is much more worthwhile in the end.