Charity Tuesday: AVEDA’s Earth Month Campaign



Aveda Light the Way Candle

One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of this candle will go toward clean water efforts around the world.

AVEDA is a manufacturer and retailer of high-end hair care and skin care products. The company has set aside this month, in honor of Earth Day, to raise money to protect the planet. Aveda has been dedicated to sustainable environmental causes since day one, using natural, plant-based, organic ingredients in all of its products, and raising over $18 million since 1999, $12 million of which has been used to support clean water projects around the world.

There are several ways Aveda patrons can help contribute to the cause. You can purchase the Aveda Limited Edition Light the Way Candle, which is scented with 100 percent lavender, lavandin and clary sage essential oils, (much better for your indoor air quality than chemical air fresheners) and is packaged with recycled materials. Aveda will give 100 percent of the proceeds from the sales of this product to Global Greengrants clean water projects. In addition, if you receive a service at a participating Aveda-concept salon during Earth Month, the stylist or service provider will donate a portion of the appointment to one of their clean water partners.

If you don’t use Aveda products, you can still get involved by simply making a donation online, or by participating in an Aveda 3.7-Mile Walk for Water, which takes place in cities all over the world to raise awareness and funds for various grassroots organizations. The company also suggests other simple ways you can protect water sources every day – by supporting organic farming, conserving electricity, and eating less meat.

Though Aveda is not a non-profit organization, we wanted to recognize their efforts to protect clean water through partnership with other charitable organizations, this #charitytuesday. Join us in raising awareness by re-tweeting this post!


Charity Tuesday: Water Missions International

Water Missions International Bangladesh girl drinking waterWater Missions International was founded by George and Molly Greene, formerly owners of an environmental engineering company when Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras in 1998. Heartbroken by the devastation, they felt the need to assist in some way. After receiving a request for six water treatment systems, and frustrated in their search to find existing systems that would work, they decided to build their own. Upon arrival in the first village receiving assistance, they were greeted by the “River of Death” – a filthy, disease-laden river, the color of chocolate milk. George and Molly treated the river water, using their newly-engineered system, and placed their lips to it to drink, in order to show the villagers that it was safe. Out of this moment came Water Missions International. George and Molly responded to an inner calling, sold their engineering company, and have never looked back. To date, WMI has distributed mini-water treatment systems, which use a combination of chemical disinfection and filtration, to communities in nine different countries. Every mission involves both the spread of clean water, and the spread of the “living water” message of Christianity.

We are drawing attention to WMI this #charitytuesday, because they were recently in the news for attempting to bring relief, in the form of clean water, to Japan earthquake victims. Unfortunately, the country’s permitting process has forced them to put their efforts on standby at this time – which is both heartbreaking and ironic, considering all of the bottled water that’s been distributed since the devastation – but we are hoping that it won’t be for long. Their efforts elsewhere are still going, full force, and in the meantime, you can donate to Water Missions International directly, through their website.