Best Cold Relief Remedies: Humidifiers

Humidifiers-cool-warm-mistThere is no cure for the common cold, so its prevention should be a priority, especially with our children. The FDA recommends that parents avoid using over-the-counter cough and cold medicines to treat children younger than 6 years old. The reason for this is the potential side effects that these medications can have on children, such as convulsions and a rapid heart rate. So what is a parent to do when you fear your child is developing a cold? What are you to do if you fear you are coming down with a cold as well?  Fortunately, there are cold remedies that can provide relief without the use of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines. One remedy is the use of a humidifier that is proven to provide relief from a stuffy nose, congestion, colds and more.

The use of humidifiers is especially important for children, as seen in this working moms review video, where you will get useful  information on the top humidifiers for your child, from a mom’s point of view. See below for more humidifiers that provide an effective alternative to over-the-counter cough medicines.

Crane-Digital-HumidifierThe Crane Digital Germ Defense Humidifier protects you from cold symptoms, sinus irritation and nasal congestion. Perfect for the upcoming winter months, this humidifier works with rooms up to 500 square feet and provides 2.5 gallons of moisture output per day. To keep your humidifier operating at peak performance, don’t forget your replacement humidifier cleaner. The Crane Humidifier Cleaner and Descaler removes calcium, lime, scale and other mineral deposits that can lead to reduced functionality. It should be used every 6 months to ensure your air treatment unit remains in good working condition.

PureGuardian-Ultrasonic-HumidifierHumidifier Review rates The PureGuardian 72 hour Ultrasonic Humidifier as an efficient, low maintenance humidifier for your family. We agree with this assessment as the humidifier will alert you when the water is low, making it convenient and effective for your family. It comes equipped with a built-in night light which can be used in children’s rooms and a control option for warm or cool mist.

Austin-Air-Allergy-MachineLike most parents, you want the best for your child when he/she gets sick. As a parent or soon-to-be parent,  the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Allergy Machine is ideal for relief from colds, allergies, asthma and other ailments associated with poor indoor air quality. This is a top-of-the-line machine that cleans your indoor air up to 700 square feet in 35 minutes, leaving the air clean and your child resting comfortably at night.

Check out our complete line of humidifiers, air purifiers and allergy machines at affordable prices that will be delivered straight to your door. With the cold and flu season approaching, look toward optional but effective methods for cold prevention. Humidifiers, depending on the style you need, are reliable alternatives for relief from cold symptoms.