Decorating Ideas with 3M Command Hooks

3M Medium Command Hooks

3M Medium Command Hooks

Decorating your home is a timeless tradition and a fun activity for the whole family. While adding decorations can be a little costly, there are ways to add flavor and decoration to your home without breaking the bank. 3M Command Hooks are an effective alternative that will add a personal touch to your home at a fraction of the cost.

3M Command Hooks come in several packages, including small hooks with strips, medium hooks with strips, and large hooks with strips. These hooks are ideal for mounting items without damaging the wall or paint and for hanging decorations around the house. You can also avoid hammering screws and nails into your wall, which can create unpleasant holes.

Command hooks are strong, effective, and affordable. Not to mention an economical alternative to costly decorations. You can evenly mount four hooks next to your door and use these hooks as a great place to hang your keys, jacket, or hat when you get home. And with the holiday season in effect, you can find creative ways to implement these hooks, such as using them to hang stockings, garland, and other Christmas decorations.

Your imagination’s the limit! These hooks will hang around for a long time.