Unique & Creative Baby Gift Ideas

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Austin Air Pink Baby's Breath Allergy Machine

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Vicks Starry Night Humidifier                        Austin Air Baby’s Breath Allergy Machine
Is a baby gift idea that provides cool              Is designed for newborns to reduce
moisture for easier breathing.                        coughing, wheezing, snoring and more.



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Aquamira Filtered Water Bottle                           Vapur Quencher Water Bottles for Kids
Can provide clean water in emergency                 Portable and personalized, this reusable
situations with its unique BITE-ME valve.             water bottle is great for kids.





Vicks Waterless Vaporizer w/ Nightlight                  Crane Adorable Animal Humidifiers
Features a built-in nightlight for convenience            A great cold remedy for babies
and provides soothing vapors for kids.                     as seen in this working mom review.

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