Stuart Little Found Dead in Monster Energy Drink Can

mouse found in Monster energy drink canUntil now, I was struggling with a topic for today’s blog post. This one is going to be very brief; I thought it was so outrageous that it deserved a featured spot in The Filtered Files.

Last year, we wrote a post on the top 10 most disturbing things in our drinking water. “Crickets” held the number one spot for the worst contaminant ever found in bottled water. The lesson learned was – don’t drink bottled water. Contrary to what the bottled water industry would have you believe, it is no better in terms of taste, quality or safety, than tap water. In fact, most bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap. Aquafina and Dasani are both, admittedly, municipally-sourced.

Well, I just ran across an article headline that makes the bottled water industry look like a saint. “Man Sues Over Mouse in His Energy Drink Can.” The article was posted on April 1, but sadly, this is not an April Fool’s Joke. Crickets in bottled water is nothing when you consider that Stuart Little may have died inside the can of Monster you bought at the convenience store a few minutes ago. I’d think twice before “Unleashing that Monster.”

The moral of the story: drink filtered tap water.