Tous H2O: A Fragrance That Provides Water?

A Fragrance with Social Commitment

Is there really such a thing as a fragrance providing water to those who need it? Until now, this is a subject that definitely leaves you scratching your head. Tous H20 is an aquatic fragrance developed by perfumer Sonia Constant that provides water to people who live in countries where water is a precious commodity.

Tous H2O is a new ecochic perfume for women inspired by the brand’s H2O jewelry collection that is the union of beauty and sustainability. This fragrance features organic alcohol with notes of organic lemon, organic lavender, rose, jasmine, mandarin, cedar, white amber and Australian sandalwood from sustainable development. The glass bottle is made from 25% recycled glass while the packaging and handling is carried out by the Special Employment Center of the Arco Iris Foundation, using materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The Forest Stewardship Council was created to change the dialogue about and the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide.

So just how does this fragrance provide water? Proceeds from the sale of each bottle of Tous H2O will be destined to fund Oxfam UK projects, an NGO which specializes in action programs to increase access to safe drinking water in situations of drought, emergencies and conflict in disadvantaged countries.

Water is the theme behind this perfume, from the droplet-inspired bottle to the light, fresh scent, which has top notes of lemon and lavender that mingle into rose and mandarin. For every bottle sold, 15 liters of water will be provided to one person each day for ten days in one of those countries where the organization is working (15 liters = 15.85032315 quarts). According to international standards, 15 liters of water is what it takes for each one of us to bath, shower, cook and clean every day.