Looking for Filbur Pool Filters at a Discount Price?

This time of year sees an increase in swimming pool usage, as many find ways to beat the summer heat. The increased use of pool and spas means paying closer attention to the quality of water that you are using. Pool and spa water is often vulnerable to environmental conditions and can require regular maintenance. During the month of August, Filtersfast.com is offering customers an additional 10% off of our already low price on any Filbur Pool and Spa filter. Filbur Manufacturing produces pool and spa filters that are number one in construction and quality. According to Joe Marcotte, National Sales Manager for Filbur:

 “Our filters are produced to exact OEM specifications because we are the industry’s leading OEM cartridge supplier. We maintain strict specifications on all replacement cartridges and grids. We use industry proven Reemay Media with the proven Microban Antimicrobial technology. This prevents harmful bacteria from growing on the cartridge. Less bacteria results in a reduction of foul odors, algae, black mold and other harmful contaminants which foul a cartridge.”

Filbur filters are easier to clean than any other filter in the marketplace. They also feature Filbur Freedom™ Antimicrobial Pool and Spa Filter Cartridges that prevents harmful bacteria from growing on the cartridge. The Antimicrobial Protection lasts as long as the cartridge filters.

For a complete list of Filbur products available on Filtersfast.com, visit our Filbur category page. Take advantage of this exciting offer today. Filbur pool and spa filters ensure better water quality in your pool and spa.