An Overview of the 3M Filtrete Filter Water Pitcher


3M offers a variety of great products and the 3M Filtrete Water Pitcher is certainly one of them. Boasting a 100 gallon filter life, this filtered water pitcher trumps the competition by having 2.5 times the filter life of traditional water pitchers. It truly stands on its own with the coveted Fast Flow filter. By utilizing fast flow technology, this water pitcher filters up to 5 times faster than standard water pitchers.

The most beneficial aspect of the 3M Filtrete Filtered Water Pitcher is the amount of harmful water borne contaminants that it removes forms your drinking water. Taste, odor, and sediment will be reduced in your water in a matter of seconds leaving you with filtered water on hand at all times. That makes the 3M Filtrete Filtered Water Pitcher a healthy choice, while its ability to be recycled (unlike most filters) also makes it an economical choice as well. allows you to easily experience the benefits of having filtered water at some of the lowest prices on the internet. Experience the joy of having healthy and filtered water on hand with the 3M Filtrete Filtered Water Pitcher at