National Inventors Month: Water Filtration Pioneers

inventors month


August is National Inventors Month, a time where we celebrate the great inventions ever created. This is also a day to look back on water filtration inventions that have affected so many of our lives. Water filtration systems date back for more than 4,000 years. Let’s take a look at some of the great inventors who contributed to water filtration.

The famed Greek scientist, Hippocrates was among the first to recognize the healing power of water. He acknowledged that the water available in Greek aqueducts was far from pure. To fight this problem, he designed his own crude water filter to “purify” the water he used for his patients, that later became known as the “Hippocratic sleeve.” This filter was a cloth bag through which water could be poured after being boiled. The cloth would trap any sentiments in the water that were causing bad taste or smell.

Philip Emery, an inventor from Irvine, California, is often credited for creating the first water filter. According to Free Patents Online, he filed his invention with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 1977 and received approval two years later. However, the first modern water purification system is credited to inventor C.W. Ackerman, who patented the filtration device in 1873.

In 1985, Florida inventor Lawrence Wise invented the first portable, disposable water filter that was suited for filtering small quantities of drinking water. In one embodiment, the filter is placed over a drinking glass and unfiltered water is poured into the glass through the filter. In another embodiment, the filter includes a jar which has a lid with a rim that fits tightly around the neck of the jar.

Today, modern advancements in water filtration, such as the whole house water filtration system, continue to take shape. As the need for pure drinking water becomes more important than ever, the need for water filtration increases with it. Be certain that your drinking water is free from contaminants by using a water filter in your home.